Jing Lu: undergraduate teaching should create more opportunities for benefiting students

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Released time:2015-03-26
Author:Dejing Kong
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How to cultivate innovative talents? How to make use of curriculum resources effectively? In March 25th, Jing Lu, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission was invited to be the guest for "Sanda big lecture", the lecture was entitled with "how should we pursue undergraduate teaching". The lecture mentioned that innovation is a process of creating new knowledge and solving the problem which was not solved by the Predecessors. Cultivating creative talents needs individualization education highly, and the school should create more opportunities for all the growth of young people.



According to the ponder questions which threw by the situation of higher education, Jing Lu shared his own considers on undergraduate teaching from a university teacher identity and perspective through combining his teaching and working experiences. He said that the eighteenth report first put forward to fully complete the new indicators of synchronous development of well-off society,and the target of a well-off society is to improve the national education level and innovation personnel training significantly. To cultivate innovative talents, we need personalized education highly. As universities, we need provide opportunities for all kinds of talents’ growth. Undergraduate teaching should not damage the interests of 95% students to meet the growth of only 5% students. How to resolve the contradiction between public teaching and cultivating personnel talents? Jing Lu combined the teaching practice in Fudan University with the selecting courses system of the first-class university in the world. He said the school should create more opportunities for all the students, and the evaluation criteria of the students must be multiple. 


What kind of opportunity should we give to the students? First, give students the opportunities of selecting courses, including the smooth selecting courses system across the majors and grades which can contribute in the cultivation of inter-disciplinary talents; Secondly, give students the opportunities of choosing majors. Let the students understand of professional connotation, and choose the major freely. This is also a highly personalized education; Thirdly, create active learning opportunities for students, such as problem oriented class, student speaking class, teacher guided research course is worth promoting; Fourthly, provide the students with the opportunities to explore, and making them do research is the process of training students. Research and personnel training should be combined. Don't underestimate the creativity of students, and do not be utilitarian to accelerate scientific research; Fifthly, give students the opportunities to feel multiple culture, and universities should run school in an open-door way. The ultimate aim is to benefit the students.

       This lecture is the special report for our school in discussing teaching mind. Jin Li, Zengtai Zhang, Weiguo Feng, school leaders and all staff attended the lectures, and seminars was chaired by Vice President Weiguo Feng.


The introduction of speaker:
       Jing Lu, Professor, tutor of doctoral students, now the director of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission deputy, former vice president of East China Normal University. He got a special allowance winner issued by the government of the State Council, and won the  Shanghai outstanding teachers,  Shanghai famous teachers, the prize which entitled "teacher, I love a good teacher" of Shanghai, university outstanding young teachers of Shanghai , and excellent teacher of BaoSteel honor. He also won the national teaching achievement award twice, and the Shanghai outstanding teaching achievement award for seven times.

Translated By Qi Xia 


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