The sixth short-term Chinese classes for Keisen University

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Author: Yuefeng Zhang

Source: Department of International Exchange and Cooperation


In mid March, as the school exchange and cooperation project between our school, and the sixth short-term Chinese classes for Keisen University has started as scheduled. We have 7 students who led by Zhijin Xitian, the chairman of International Exchange Committee of Keisen University, came to my school in person, mainly to learn the Chinese language and culture. Vice President Qiaoping Jia attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.



(the photo of students and school leaders)


Vice President Qiaoping Jia said that I hope the students can not only improve the Chinese, but also learn more about the city of Shanghai through two weeks. Shanghai has been in continuous development, and you can convey what you see and hear to the previous students so that you can strengthen Sino Japanese folk cultural exchange. 


Zhijing Xitian thanked our school for supporting the project. He said that through this project, Japanese students found China is completely different as the media reported, and they felt very surprised. Zhijing Xitian hopes that there are more and more students can learn more about China, and culture of Shanghai, and be messengers between two nations through this project.


Chinese class is not only for learning Chinese, but also includes all kinds of activities, such as visiting Palace of Fine Arts, the Chinese Martial Arts Museum, learning kung fu fan etc.. The students of Japanese Department in our school use their spare time to help the Japanese students in learning and living. They show the presence of Sanda students, and enhance the friendship with the Japanese students.



Learning Kungfu Fan



Visiting the Chinese Martial Arts Museum



Visiting Palace of Fine Arts



(Visiting the garden in Suzhou)

Translated By Qi Xia


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