Create characteristic cultural space: counseling offices competition activities will be start

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Released Time:2015-03-23 
Author:Jiating Shen, Chuyun Yang
Source:Science Department


On the afternoon of March 18th , the college counseling offices took on an altogether new aspect to wait for your visit. In order to further promote the construction of campus culture, improve work quality and service level, create a more favorable environment for educating people, and establish the atmosphere of working in good manners, science department organized the Counselors' Offices competition activities.


The college counseling offices have the different cultural characteristics, which fully reflect the diversified construction and the rich cultural connotation of our school. Counseling offices of school of Foreign Language is very clean and tidy, as counselor said "Making the students feel comfortable and neat, and trying to do a good job, is our office concept". Counseling office of school of management and school of information science and technology is simple. They focus on the pragmatic attitude and pay attention on the priorities of work.  Business theme Briefing, etc, can be seen everywhere in the Counseling office of Sheng Xiang school of business which are produced by students, showing a warm atmosphere between teachers and students. When you enter the door, counseling office of management department is spacious and bright, and white walls which are orderly framed with Scindapsus aureus vine has attracted the attention of all people. Tables towards South and East were planted with every kind of indoor plants. The table by the door was set up a book corner, and there are academic journals and books of each type, the calligraphy work on the wall is our school's motto "diligence, honesty, development, and innovation", teacher said proudly, "this is sent by the previous graduates."




Exterior wall tiles are affixed with a lovely pattern of counseling office of School of art and design, and school of Media Counseling Office. The good works of the students showed in the West wall. " What the great learning teaches, is to illustrate illustrious virtue; to renovate the people; and to rest in the highest excellence. " Red Chinese characters came into sight, and cultural spirit came up to us; the "student excellent works exhibition" outside office,  and paintings, photo walls placed inside office exudes elegant atmosphere.





Equipments in the general office of School of international medical technology are in prefect unity, giving a person with high-end feeling without losing the warmth. The teacher said: " There is a mirror in every office, it is to remind each teacher to be a model for others to tidy themselves, and set a good example."



Science department said that the Counseling Office competition activities had fully aroused their working enthusiasm for promoting the construction of campus culture, moral construction. In addition, the competition has eight awards, such as sanitation award, neatness award, environmental protection award, elegant environment award, gentleness award, art award, and harmony award. According to integrated assessment, such as the placed items of the office, health status, cultural characteristics standards, and so on, we will select the winners.



Translated By Qi Xia

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