Running towards the goal and pursuing the ideal -- An entrepreneurial story of the 2014 financial graduates, Jun Zhang

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Released time: Mar 23th, 2015
Author: Nana Li
Sources: News Propaganda Centre


"How wide your heart is, how wide the stage is." is his life motto.
         Once his financial teacher, Hongxia Gao, who has done the occupation performance and personality test for him, praised that he was a resilient man, and he would never give up for one calling. He earned his first pot of gold through the campus express delivery business.

        "He is a tough man, and makes others unable to refuse him." This is Minyun Chen, secretary of general Party branch in Sheng Xiang School of business, and Weilin Zhong, Secretary of the Communist Youth League of school have the impression of him.

         During the university life, he led the team to do pioneering work independently. After graduation, he set up his own company with his friends. Jun Zhang is the 2014 financial graduates in Shengxiang School of business, and he is dreamer who is always be nice, and talks cheerfully and humorously, running towards the goal.



It’s worth to be painstaking and tired for our entrepreneurial pursuit


When he is a junior student, he saw all the students and staffs concentrated in the school gate to take express delivery in every noon, and afternoon. The school gate was overcrowded. In order to solve the difficulties of receiving goods in time of the campus express delivery, Jun Zhang who had participated in the campus business plan competition, has an idea with the keen insight on the demand of the market.


Jun Zhang first found the ShenTong Express to discuss the cooperation projects, though the discussion ended acrimoniously with the general manager. He had to change the strategy. He did nothing but to visit ShenTong Company, not to visit the general manager. He stayed in ShenTong alone to observe the operation process of delivery, signing receipt, and pickup, and gradually he got acquainted with the employees in ShenTong Company. All these have coincided with the plan of SF express "College express operation plan". Thus, Jun Zhang has signed the contracts with the SF express, and he also cooperated with YT, YunDa, and Best Express. Minyun Chen recalled: "in order to sign contracts with ShenTong Express , he not only found the school, president's office, office of academic affairs, and students’ office for more than 20 times, but also learned from Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, and finally he contracted with 6 express company."  With the consistent toughness, he and his team made the first step of campus entrepreneurship.



Through sponsorship, they have their own things, such as umbrellas, tents, cargo boxes, and the small gifts for the customers, so Rivers campus express service station has started to camp at the school playground. Everyone has assigned a clear division of delivery, receipt, and pickup, and everything is in order.  For the convenience of the teachers and students, Jun Zhang also bought a tricycle to pull goods. “For the dream in the heart, I think it’s worth to be painstaking and tired ". Whenever they see the teachers ‘express need to be deliver, they will deliver goods to the office by themselves. Rivers express service station is also popular among students.


The first student of applying for“Jue Qun venture fund" in our school


Upon graduation, we are faced with the employment, and express operation is not Jun Zhang’s lofty ambition. The second half of 2014, he and his partner Teng Li (graduates majoring in international economy and trade) applied for "Jue Qun college students venture fund" of the charity foundation of Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple successfully, by their “NFC mobile phone payment business projects". The grant type is 50000 Yuan and 90% discount loans. It is the first time for our school students to receive financial aid for venture fund.


NFC mobile phone payment business projects are committed in meeting the individual and businesses of mobile financial life service demands by mobile terminal equipment. Mobile POS terminal sales and service - committed to the online and offline; it later will be combined with the trends of mobile Internet, and become a personalized solution supplier to meet the individuals and businesses financial needs. In order to apply for JunQun fund, he took the plan to the marketing teacher, Jie Yu, Who has devoted in innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for a long time. In view of some contents of the plan, teacher Yu pointed out the problems carefully in patience, and give modification advice. Four or five days later, he gave the revised plan book to the teacher. To her surprise, he set the framework in such a short period of time according to the requirements. The business direction was more clearly, and idea was also more clearly. Through a business plan competition, and venture funds declaration experience, Jun Zhang left the impression, such as enthusiastic, flexible, pragmatic, and firm to teacher Yu.


With the help of foundation, through market research, visiting to the operators of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, etc, Jun Zhang and his companions founded Shanghai Search Yue Network Technology Co. ltd. after graduation. "Search Yue" means so happy, as Jun Zhang's life attitude of being positive, and optimistic. Through Minsheng Bank internship experience, and the influence of "hungry" founder Xuhao Zhang, let Jun Zhang be full of passion for his career. At present, the company is still at the starting stage with the attitude of learn, he looked around to learn more.


Emerson once said: "one person is moving toward his goal, and the whole world will give way to him."  For the pioneering work, many people will think "failed to do". Therefore, the ultimate success is very rare. Jun Zhang said: "we should take advantage of the young to challenge ourselves. If you don't do it, you will never know how good you are. If you fail, there are still many things waiting for us, and we still have to move forward happily." Clear objectives, a clear plan, and the implementation of force, is the magic weapon for a person to achieve the dream. This is the Jun Zhang, Who is Running towards the goal and ideal, brings us inspiration.


Translated By Qi Xia


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