Fuming Wang: valuing and innovating the Network Ideological and Political Education

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Release Time:March 3, 2015  
Author:Pan Pan  

Source:News Propaganda Center


At the Shanghai University moral education propaganda conference held on March 12th, 2015, Fuming Wang, vice president and Deputy Party Secretary, made a speech on the behalf of the school and the theme of the speech is “valuing and innovating the ideological and political education”. She pointed out that our school focuses on the concept innovation, methods innovation and grass-roots work innovation and gives full play of the role of ideological and political education and strengthen the guide the management of the ideology of the private universities.



In the concept innovation, the school should strengthen the internet thinking. First of all, the school should break the traditional thinking tendency, keep the habit of learning new things and strengthen the understanding of the Internet media property. Secondly, according to the development of the situation, the school should keep the sharpness and openness of the thought and keep up with the continual informatization. Thirdly, the school should sum up the experience constantly, maintain the passion and responsibility of solving the problems in work and enhance the effectiveness of network ideological and political education.



As for the ways and methods, our school will firmly grasp the leadership and the right of discourse of ideological work, adhere to the construction of the content, and make full use of the new technology and new applications to build three platforms including website, community and new media. Firstly, take the school website as the main position. Construct the content based on the campus website and the basic idea is “the connotation as the main line, and teachers and students as the main body”. Tell interesting stories about Binda and the teachers and students. Secondly. Strong interaction between Yiban. In 2010, our school has become the second roll of experimental universities of Yiban. As of February this year, the registered number of people is 28000. Our school has been awarded “Top Ten Workstation” for three consecutive years. From the practice, the students' Party construction, ideological and political teacher studio and network culture projects have become the characteristics of Yiban. Thirdly, micro-blog, WeChat spread fast. The school should set up the micro-blog for school issues and the campus’s public WeChat account. It is necessary to have a correct understanding of its propagation force and influence to make full use of the guidance and communication role of the public.

        The focus of network ideological and political work innovation is on the grassroots. Our school encourages that the grassroots carry out the work near teachers and students and combine with the practice to make the ideological and moral education really effective. For example, the school website is the important carrier of the quality of Binda. Make sure there are at least two or three pieces of news on home page every day, pay more attention to the connotation of mining, embody the philosophy “integrity, fairness, quality” and focus on the reporting of the teaching reform, specialty construction, typical characters and cultural activities etc. While the second-class web page disseminates the information, it should pursue the quality of service in the interactive exchange and constructs the credible and attractive network platform. For another example, the ideological and political teacher studio sets up a network platform in Yiban, takes the basic sectors“Flag Fluttering” and “Classic Readings”, “Practice Base”, and “Spirit Garden” as the carriers to carry out the network ideological and political education. In addition, Yiban teacher studio also launched the "Yi Ming Jing Ren" online debate, and Yiban celebrity interview that students loved, which could help enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of network ideological and political education.


Translated By Xia Qiao





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