Showing New Civilization Fashion——“Constructing Economical Campuses”

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Released time:March 16, 2015 

Author: Qianjin Peng  

Source: Jiashan Campus


In the process of the construction of economical society, the school, as the cradle of educating students, plays a very important role in cultivating the conservation awareness of both teachers and students and creating an atmosphere of “Shame to waste, saving is the glorious”. Therefore, Jiashan Campus held a rally of “constructing economical campuses” activity on March 13th. Xinzhong Chen, the Secretary of Party General Branch and Executive Vice-President, Fazhi Gong, vice president of the college and heads of various functional departments attend the meeting.

       The conference requires that the school shall fully understand the importance and educational function of constructing economical campuses, which is conducive to improve the utilization rate of resources and standardized management of the campus. The school should make full use of the network, broadcasting, billboards and other mass media tool to widely publicize the activity to increase the conservation awareness and green awareness of the teachers and students. In addition, the school should take classes as unit to carry out various activities in combination with the civilization, in order to ultimately form long-term mechanism to organize this kind of activities continuously.


The activity advocates: save electricity by strengthening the electricity management; save water by strengthening the water management; reduce expenditure by strengthening the office supplies management; reduce vehicle costs by enhancing the vehicle management; improve learning and work efficiency by strengthening administrative management; save gas by strengthening gas management; save food by civilized dining; preserve the campus environment to bid farewell to the "white pollution”; recycle waste through garbage classification; take good care of public property to maintain public facilities; take good care of teaching instrument and equipment to improve the efficiency; help the poor and give love; construct the garden campus and strengthen the greening planning; widely carry out various activities of “ Love and Protect green” etc..

       “Constructing economical campuses " is not only required by the development of the campus, but also is the school’s responsibility. The school appeals: take actions to practice (strict) economy and combat waste; start from me, start from now, start from the little things around us to make saving as a habit; be a person to save, do things in an economical way. It is hoped that departments and classes at the various levels study it seriously and understand it fully to raise awareness, implement it, and take specific measures to actively promote the construction of economical campus according to the real situation.

        It is reported that the school has achieved good results and has been widely recognized and actively participated by all teachers and students since the host of the “constructing economical campuses”activity in 2007. The activity is awarded the "outstanding project" of Shanghai city spiritual civilization construction and the summary report “constructing economical campuses and showing the new fashion of civilization” has been included in Shanghai City 2007 - 2008 Shanghai City Educational System unit of Civilized Unit (Harmonious Campus) Construction Casebook (Higher Education Edition).

Translated By Xia Qiao

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