University Student Graffiti Wall Beautifies an Old Lane

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March 10, 2015

Written by Zhibo Wu, Shanghai Education News Web







Theme Art Graffiti Wall Created by Sanda Students (Photos Provided by Shanghai Sanda University)


Recently, a 100-meter long graffiti wall themed “Magic city, nature, fashion and dreams” appeared in the old Lane 134 of Xinle Road.What used to be a mottled dark wall covered with commercial posters has now turned artistic and splendid and has become a bright view of Shanghai.


This graffiti wall is the result of the “Old lane reformation project” initiated by Instructor Wenli Fei of Shanghai Sanda University and illustration artist Big Bear.It was created and completed by 7 Sanda students of fashion design major in 40 days.Wenli Fei remarked that as a teacher, it was her duty to create opportunities for students.The aim of the activity was to create a platform for students to do social charity work during the vacation.The truth is, she said, they have done it so well, so beautifully!


Translated By Wei Ding



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