“Haruki Murakami and China” International Seminar Convenes at Sanda University

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Xiaochun Xu

Japanese Department

Haruki Murakami and China” International Seminar sponsored by Japanese Department,School of Foreign Languages, Sanda University convened on Jinhai Campus on December 6th, 2014. Researchers and professionals in Modern Japanese Literature coming from more than 12 institutions of higher learning from China, Japan and the United States as well as the representatives from Shanghai Translation Publishing House participated in the seminar.

Mr. Ming Zhang from Japanese Department chaired the seminar. Professor Xiaowei Shi, Chairman of Japanese Department and Associate Dean of School of Foreign languages made an opening speech on behalf of the organizer. The first part of the seminar is the keynote speeches on the theme of “Haruki Murakami and China”.A ssociate Professor Bingjing Yang from Japanese Department of Beijing Foreign Studies University, Professor Fujii Shouzo from Department of Literature of the University of Tokyo, Japan, Associate Professor Michael Emmerich from College of Asian Luanguages of UCLA, the US, Professor Yamaguchi Mamoru from Department of Liberal Arts of Japan University and Associate Professor Dongqing Wu from Japanese Department of Sanda made excellent speeches on the Chinese elements and China connection in the works by Haruki Murakami such as “A Slow Boat to China”, “Hear the Wind Sing”, “1Q84” and others respectively.They also gave their opinions about the association and comparison between Haruki Murakami and Mr. Yan Mo in their works.

After the keynote speeches, Professor Xiaowei Shi presided over the Panel Discussion which is a very unique form for academic seminars in China. All participants joined in serious and detailed discussions on the contents which were not fully explored in the speeches and actively exchanged ideas and compared notes on their research findings, providing more content and room for later questions and answers.

The last part is the Questions and Answers in which all the participants at the seminar were invited to join in. The scholars and professionals from Fudan University, Tongji University, Shanghai University of Science and Technology, Nanjing Normal University and others all actively raised questions of their own. It is one of the life-time opportunity to researchers and scholars of modern Japanese literature that so many scholars and professionals of Haruki Murakami literature got together in one place. It is especially arare opportunity and honor that Professor Fujii Shouzo from The University of Tokyo ,a world renowned authority in the field of studies and researches of Haruki Murakami literature, also attended at the seminar at the invitation, for any famous related research projects were based on his research findings. The participants listened to his speech attentively and interacted with him enthusiastically. The seminar was prevailed with a very friendly and warm atmosphere and every one at it benefitted tremendously.

The International Seminar provided a very good platform for scholars and professionals from both China and aboard who like or do research on Haruki Murakami literature to exchange ideas and learn from each another.It also shared the latest research findings and gave all the participants new inspiration and revelation in their future study and research through brain storming. All the participating specialists, scholars and professionals expressed their wish to have more seminars like this in the future so as to further promote academic exchange and research.


Pictures( left to right) : Prof. Fujii Shouzo, Prof. Yamaguchi Mamoru, Prof. Michael Emmerich ,

Prof. Bingjing Yang, Dr. Dongqing Wu, Mr. Ming Zhang, Prof. Xiaowei Shi

Translated by Miao Yi

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