Ms. Valeria Herrán Makes a Speech to Students in the Spanish Department

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Spanish Department

The seminar “ColumbiaThe Charming Country Waiting to be Discovered by You” sponsored by the Spanish Department, Sanda University was recently held on the third floor of the Activity Center.Ms.Valeria Herrán, Wife of the Consul General of Consulate General of the Republic of Colombia in Shanghai made the keynote Speech.The event was participated by the entirestudent body and faculty from the Spanish Department of Sanda, and the facultyand students of Spanish Department from Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Languages School.

Ms. Valeria Herrán, Wife of the Consul General of Consulate General ofthe Republic of Colombia in Shanghai is also the Chairwoman of Wives of Foreign Missions and, at the same time, is also a teacher of our Spanish Department. All the participants were very much impressed by her outstanding temperament and sincerity.She, in pure and beautiful Spanish, delivered a wonderful speech about Columbia in terms of people and geography, natural landscape, culture and holidays, agriculture and mineral mining, economic development, Gabriel García Márquez , a Columbian writer and Nobel Laureate in Literature and his works “Cien a?os de soledad”( English“ One Hundred Years of Solitude”). She said with a great pride that Columbia is one of the countries that enjoy thehighest happiness index in the world.

This event, as a consistent characteristic for the cultural activities by the Spanish Department of our university, provides a good opportunity for students to practice their oral Spanish. Seven junior and senior students undertake the onsite interpretation.Ms.Valeria Herrán, in the latter part of the seminar, answered various questions raised by the students related to Spanish culture. The seminar lasted for more than 3 hours and benefited the students a great deal.

Translated by Miao Yi

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