The Second Group of Teaching Information Student Staff Were Officially Employed

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On Nov. 14th, the second group of teaching information student staff were officially employed on the first-year campus.  They will fully participate in teaching management, enhance teaching information feedback, so that the university can learn about teaching in a timely, accurate and comprehensive fashion, further perfect its teaching quality supervision and guarantee system.

       The first-year campus organized this group of student staff in October and tried out relevant work procedures.  For the more than one month’s time since then, the team has been operating well.  Through channels like the student staff QQ group, the student staff members have been able to submit teaching information feedback forms according to specific requirements, supplying real and effective first-hand information to the faculty.


At the 2014-2015 Academic Year Sanda Teaching Information Student Staff Appointment Ceremony, Vice President Weiguo Feng gave letters of appointment to the 9 students.  He affirmed their work for the past more than one month, encouraged them to continue their good work and to give timely feedback about faculty teaching, and gave them his mobile phone number.



In the discussion afterward, students actively gave criticism and suggestions on teaching related issues.  Regarding problems in their studies, Weiguo Feng gave patient advice based on his own learning and working experiences and helped them discover ways of solutions.

Translated By Wei Ding

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