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“We are in a cross-disciplinary era.  The industry of modern services outsourcing exhibits the characteristics of industry crossing and integration of the modern times and poses challenges to the modes of university talent cultivation.”  On Nov. 12th, Prof. Delin Ma, Executive Dean of School of Modern Services Outsourcing gave a lecture entitled “Modern service outsourcing and the construction of specialty group.”



Prof. Ma first distinguished modern services outsourcing from the traditional service industry, pointing out that the modern services outsourcing industry is established upon modern science and technology, new commercial modes, means of services and management methods. Its range of services include information transmission, computer software, finance and insurance, leasing and commercial services, scientific research and technological services, geological survey, culture and education, sports and entertainment, real estate, construction, community public services, etc. He gave a general introduction of Shanghai’s various districts’ active promotion of modern services outsourcing, and in particular of the demand for relevant talents of the pilot free trade zone.

        Delin Ma thinks that we are in an era of industry crossing and integration.  The modern services outsourcing industry exhibits this trait of our times and poses challenges to the university modes of talent cultivation.  He noted that in the long run all the majors currently available at Sanda could enter this industry.  In the short term, he said, areas like IT, finance, logistics, trade, e-commerce, human resource management, marketing, engineering management, public management and medical services and so on, all face the needs of cross-disciplinary integration.  Our School of Modern Services Outsourcing was established exactly under these circumstances at the proposal of Shanghai Services Federation.

        Delin Ma said that modern services outsourcing is an industry, but its demand for talents cover numerous fields.  Currently we should engage in major field group construction of disciplinary integration, dividing college major fields into different groups according to the three areas of modern services outsourcing --- ITO, BPO and KPO.  We should gather the most competitive faculty forces within each field, get into touch with relevant enterprises and form industry-learning-and-research integrated communities to promote major field transformation and develop Sanda’s characteristic majors through several years’ efforts, with the final goal of advancing university competitiveness.

        At the end of the lecture, Instructor Nanqiao Xu, Dean’s assistant of School of Modern Services Outsourcing, shared what she had learnt from establishing enterprise-university cooperation programs in the past two years.

        Faculty members who listened carefully to the lecture remarked that they had obtained a relatively comprehensive understanding of the concept of modern services outsourcing through the talk.  They hoped more similar academic activities will be held in the future, helping faculty and students get to know industry development dynamics and advanced ideas.

        A modern services outsourcing training center is currently under construction.  Once completed, it will serve as a cross-disciplinary teaching platform, providing support for students’ pre-post training, for training instructors able to teach both theories and practice, and for university-enterprise cooperative research.

Translated By Wei Ding

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