Sanda Students Awarded in the Second National College Student Sports Video Festival

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On Nov. 8th, Hongyou Ying and Changfu Duan, students of Sanda’s English Department majoring in news English, won a nomination award in the creativity category of the Second National College Student Sports Video Festival with their micro film “The Soccer Dream”.  The video was completed with guidance from instructor Fei Wang of the Journalism Department.



“The Soccer Dream” is a story about young people who love soccer and persist in enhancing their soccer skills, finally realizing their dream.  The film shows the charm of sports and the spirit of making endeavor to attain a dream.  It encourages college students to participate more in sports in their spare time.



The College Student Sports Video Festival is an annual college student sport video exchange activity jointly organized by the Sports Film and Television Professional Committee of Chinese Collegial Association for Visual Arts and China Sports Academy’s Sports Journalism Branch.  The contest, with sports as its content, humanity as its connotation and “Youth and Exchange” as its title, aims at promoting exchanges of video works among college students and cultivating students’ abilities of practice and innovation.


Translated By Wei Ding

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