Yuyao Feng Won the Bronze Prize at the First Wensli Cup Hangzhou Silk Tourist Products Design Competition

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School of Fashion Education senior Yuyao Feng’s design “the Warbler series” won the bronze prize of the creativity category at the First Wensli Cup Hangzhou Silk Tourist Products Design Competition.  The award ceremony was held on the opening day of the 2014 China International Silk Exposition and China International Women’s Garments Exhibition.


Design Work: “the Warblers”




        The competition participants came from Chinese universities, silk enterprises, independent design studios and free-lance designers.  To ensure equality and fairness, all works of design entered the contest anonymously, and the 65 selected works were also assessed anonymously.


         Yuyao Feng told us she is particularly attached to Chinese elements of design and through the contest she learnt more and grew more fond of silk products.  She said she really enjoyed the designing process because of her personal interest for silk.  She has discovered that silk can be more broadly used in fashion design, since it is not only beautiful and luxurious, it can also help promote Chinese elements and oriental beauty.  She hopes to create better design works of silk in the future.


Translated By Wei Ding

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