The Second International Symposium “The Aged Health and Rehabilitation” held in Sanda

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Zhibo Wu

School of International Medical Technology


"The health of ageing" problem is a major topic in the process of social development, and also one of the hottest topics in international academic circles. In order to promote the related fields of theoretical research and practice, and build the platform for Chinese and foreign scholars to exchange and discuss the problems. On October 24th, the second International symposium “The aged health and rehabilitation, promotion of healthy life” was held in our school sponsored by health aging research and development center, and Shanghai Association of rehabilitation medicine. Based on the topics of physical therapy and the aging of the population, domestic and foreign experts introduced the latest achievements in rehabilitation and physical therapy with their professional knowledge and clinical experience.



In the meeting, the president of Shanghai Association of rehabilitation medicine, Juantao Yan, and the director of shanghai nursing association, Suzhen Wen made speeches. President Jin Li said "in welcome speech, today what we discuss is a social responsibility in academic conference. The world pays attention to the aging problems, and China pays more attention to it. Because there are too many old people alive in China. By contrast, the elderly living in a good quality life become too few. If we can discuss this problem from comprehensive perspectives such as physiology, psychology, society, we may draw a lot of conclusions. But this time the meeting is inclined to share the results. I hope the experts can be more concerned about the aging problems, so care needs platform. Today's forum is such a platform. Sanda established School of international medical technology and aging health research and development. Both are devoted in this field, and be committed to social service. " He hoped that the experts can express a better view, let the school teachers and students share the results.


School of International Medical Technology was established by Sanda in 2011, and it focused on aging problems. In 2003, Sanda began to start rehabilitative sciences (undergraduate), at the same year establishing the health research and development center on aging. We hope combine education and practice in order to help in-home elderly, and maintain the health of the elderly, promoting their healthy life.


In a keynote speech segment, 6 experts and scholars introduced their research and practical results on "Exercises and Aging——Discussion on research trends of Parkinson syndrome", " Physical therapy and health aging, start of the elderly cognitive function rehabilitation practice", "The use of traditional Chinese medicine health to anti aging practice aged health care and reflection, home rehabilitation nursing -- Introduction of Shenzhen model" and " specificity and density of stroke rehabilitation exercises ", etc.



In the seminar, the director in rehabilitation department of school of International Medical Technology described the senile osteoporosis rehabilitation progress. The experts and scholars of Fudan University affiliated Huadong hospital, etc, discussed some problems such as "Tumble and cognition of the aged , falling risk assessment of evidence-based practice, elderly people living alone in community intervention inspiration" and "Stress management and the quality life of an ageing population: exploring the concept of successful aging problem."


The seminar also got the strong support from Fudan University affiliated Huadong Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University affiliated Renji Hospital, the World Health Foundation, and Shanghai Nursing Association, etc.

Translated By Qi Xia

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