Vice-President Weiguo Feng Led Visits to Four Private Universities in Xi’an

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Qingfen Zhou

Sanda News Center


Between Nov.2nd  and Nov.4th, Vice President Guowei Feng led a group from Sanda and visited Xijing University, Xi’an International University, Xi’an Eurasia University and Xi’an FanYi University, which are all private universities in Xi’an.  The delegation studied and exchanged ideas and information with the four universities on topics including university positioning, talent cultivation, discipline building, research, industry-teaching cooperation, academic atmosphere creation and student innovation and entrepreneurship.

       Xijing University, famous for its engineering departments including its nationally eminent Machine Building Department, was one of the first group   of private universities that obtained qualifications for setting up graduate programs. It currently has 5 master’s programs, and three experimental master’s programs and its schools and departments cover fields of humanities, arts, sciences and medicine. In nurturing talents, Xijing emphasizes both application and academic skills. Its master’s programs attach great importance to both developing their field strengths and meeting social demands.  The graduate programs offer full scholarships ranging between 100,000 and 120,000 yuan, greatly enhancing their student recruitment competitiveness.


Xi’an International University strongly advocates its philosophies that “The fundamental task of XAIU is to cultivate people. Teaching is the regular central work and quality is the lifeline of XAIU.” It is mainly focused on undergraduate education covering fields of business, humanities, arts and engineering. Since 2010, XAIU’s discipline building has gradually transformed from top-level design to departmental self-design. The university has imported more than 10 thousand excellent courses from universities around the world including Harvard, Yale and MIT.

       It has now signed agreements with more than 40 overseas universities for mutual recognition of academic credits, and has made prominent achievements in student employment and entrepreneurship.  The university has established a student entrepreneurship incubation base and a student business street, providing opportunities of two years to its graduates for starting businesses within the university.  This special student development mode has been adopted as a Harvard case study in teaching.

       The university attaches great importance to improving its faculty’s research abilities and developing its departments’ academic strengths.  It emphasizes the merging of teaching and research and has established good faculty supervising mechanisms and flexible faculty incentive mechanisms, which have effectively promoted XAIU faculty’s enthusiasm for research and their academic capabilities.

       Xi’an Eurasia University is a national leader in business education and the only national educational system reform experimental university in Shaanxi Province.  It adheres to its administrative philosophies of “Being application-oriented, nationalized and providing new experiences”, emphasizing educational system reform and innovation.  The university’s main teaching principle is that “students are the center”. It designs its curriculum setup based on student engagement in various courses and supervises teaching quality through student and third-party evaluation systems.

       Eurasia has boldly reformed its talent cultivation modes.  Its Finance and Trade School has cooperated with 阿里巴巴 and Jingdong in establishing off-campus intern bases and on-campus “Little Ali Post-Office” and “One-Kilometer Fast Delivery” student projects.  It has set up teaching factories, which have become entrepreneurship incubators.  The Art and Design School has reshaped its original curriculum system into one characterized by “big courses and special topics”, turning classrooms into “studios” and making all its courses part of a practical teaching system.

       Eurasia is focused on teaching through practice.  Its on-campus laboratories are managed by students who are given reasonable subsidies by the university.  Student work-study posts are instituted at all leisure facilities and dining services within the university.  As the only nationally approved educational informatization experimental private university, Eurasia has brought in the advanced Blackboard teaching and educational administration system, and authoritative third-party quality evaluation and tracing systems such as the MyCOS index system, CCSS and the Baldrige Criteria index system, which publish reliable information through statistical survey and scientific management on variables such as course quality, teaching quality, student learning abilities, and student employment and entrepreneurship.

       Xi’an FanYi University has distinct strengths in foreign language education.  Of the 29 undergraduate majors it has, 8 are foreign languages.  Its talent cultivation mode advocates “foreign language(s) plus field(s) of concentration plus modern skills” and aims at bringing up application- and technology-oriented interdisciplinary talents.  The university emphasizes creating a good and positive academic atmosphere where students study assiduously.  It implements quasi military management of students, who promise not to go off-campus Monday through Thursday.  During teaching periods, dormitories are closed.  No smoking, drinking or fire-lighting is permitted on campus.

       The four universities visited this time all have spacious campuses and large student bodies (each of above 20,000 people).  The delegation led by Weiguo Feng observed that the four universities are relatively complete in their laboratory facilities, boast distinct characteristics in cultivating applied and interdisciplinary talents, and have great foresight and successful experiences in academic research, talent cultivation and discipline building.  We need to learn from them.


Translated By Wei Ding


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