Fall Campus Job Fair Attracted 330 Recruiters Providing More Than One Thousand Kinds of Job Posts

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Jingling Cai

Sanda News Center


On Nov. 5th, more than 330 employers came to Sanda’s first campus job fair for Class of 2015, providing job posts of 6,100 of more than 1,300 kinds. Compared with last year’s job fair which was visited by about 250 employers, this time I could sense higher enthusiasm from both the demand and the supply sides.

      Companies Recruited Talents and Students Well-Prepared

      I found out from talking with some of the recruiters that usually companies won’t place high requirements on to-be-graduates’ professional capabilities.  But in general employers hope graduating seniors will have some knowledge about their recruiters’ corporate backgrounds and cultures, good communication and expressive skills, and stress tolerance.  Priorities will be given to seniors with relevant internship experiences.



Student Yan who majors in International Economics and Trade, said he felt this year the recruiters were much more enthusiastic than in the past.  Upon hearing that he was a finance major, recruiters from Shanghai Nengpu Industrial Corporation Limited approached him and started conversing with him.

       Having already had some interview experiences, he did a lot of preparation for the job fair this time, including researching on the companies and bringing with him 15 carefully designed personal resumes.  He suggested that students give resumes to selected companies that offer suitable positions, and that in an interview one should actively express one’s earnest will for the job position and as far as possible exhibit one’s strengths.



Though the job fair was mainly for to-be-graduates, some juniors actively participated as well.
Student Xu who majors in accounting wants to work in finance after college.  To better design her future year, she came to the fair to ask about recruitment requirements for finance-related jobs.  She found that companies are more interested in the applicants’ professional internship experiences than in certificates, and hence decided she would plan out accordingly a senior year of an appropriate balance between academic work and internships.


Returning Sanda Graduates as Recruiter

      This time at the fair there were also a few special guests, who were both Sanda graduates and recruiters.  They wanted to offer some advice to their little sisters and brothers with their own experiences.

       Kaiwen Zhuang, who majored in e-commerce and graduated in 2011, is now an experienced financial manager at Tong Xin Securities Company Limited.  Commenting on the more than 30 resumes he had received at the fair, he felt that his little brothers and sisters need to be more confident and have clearer career planning.  He suggested that students start planning their future upon entering college so that they can move more firmly and solidly towards their goals.



Xiaochen Gu, who graduated in 2008 as a tourism management major and who now works at Shanghai Congress Corporation Limited, started her career selling tickets and guiding tourists at Shanghai World Financial Center’s Sightseeing Hall.  After working at starting-level jobs for 2 years she became a group leader.  After another year of persistent efforts, she became a manager in the company.

       With hard efforts at every step of the way, she has now become a mid-level operations manager.  Service industry jobs usually do not have high requirements for entry-level jobs which are taken up by middle technical school, junior college, and college graduates alike, however college graduates’ post loyalty in the industry is generally not high.  She said new college graduates should be psychologically prepared for starting at entry-level jobs, and if they can endure these, there will be great prospects for promotion.

       Though starting at the same positions as middle technical school and junior college graduates, college graduates have advantages in terms of their thinking abilities and professional knowledge.  Managers of the service industry are usually brought up from employees familiar with basic service jobs and corporate inner culture.  Hence she suggested that graduating seniors not mind the temporary low salaries and benefits of the basic service jobs but set their eyes on long-term development prospects in the industry.

       University and School Leaders Present as Student “Escorts”

       Sanda’s university leaders have always attached great importance to student employment.  This time Sanda’s Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President Fuming Wang and Vice President Xingguo Xue both came to the job fair to communicate with the employers.  Human resource manager Ping Chi of Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel, which has long-term cooperative relationships with Sanda, remarked that Sanda students and graduates have exhibited in their work at the hotel humility and level-headedness, strong discipline and relatively good spoken English.




I’ve also found at the fair some leaders and full-time class-teachers from various schools, asking for company materials and talking with company representatives.  In order to get to the know the requirements for IT-related jobs, Party Secretary Nansheng Chen of School of Information and Technology walked around the entire venue.  He said it was also a kind of market survey to bring some company materials back to the office for studying job descriptions and that it could also generate some ideas for the School’s teaching reforms.  He said later he would further communicate with potential cooperating enterprises.

       Careful Preparations for the Job Fair Including Counseling Services

       In preparation for the fair, the Employment Office put up two boards printed with names of the recruiters right outside the student canteen and the Student Activity Center so students could look up company backgrounds beforehand and more easily locate the employers at the fair.  Besides, the Office printed on the guiding signs for the fair the cell-phone Quick Response code for Sanda’s Employment Information Website. 

       Office director Yi Shen explained that this enabled students to search for recruitment information, directly submit resumes and share recruitment resources of other colleges and universities.  Student usage of the function was not yet very high, he said, so he hoped graduating seniors can take advantage of on a broader scope the various platform resources Sanda is providing for them.



   The Employment Office had also invited counselors from Pudong Employment Promotion Center to provide counseling to students on how to start businesses, and resume R&D specialists from Shanghai Qiaobutang Information Science and Technology Company Limited to help students craft their resumes professionally.


Translated By Wei Ding


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