First-Year Lunches with School Deans and Professors

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Chuxian Huang

Jiashan Guangbiao College (First-Year Campus)


Recently, to promote communications between students and the deans and professors of different schools, a lunch series were held at Jiashan Guangbiao College (Sanda’s first-year campus).

       Before lunch with students (first in the series), Dean Yueliang Xi of the Art and Design College showed some of his own drawings from the 1960s and 1970s. Despite special social circumstances, Dean Xi and his classmates secretly copied in a warehouse the nude portraits they had brought in from the U.S. and with persistence finished a complete set of human anatomy drawings. From the yellowing drawing book, the students sensed Dean Xu’s academic perseverance. In their lunch conversations, Dean Xu kept urging the students to establish correct concepts of learning and to take seriously the learning of foundational knowledge. He emphasized that students should study for learning itself, not just for their future jobs, and that they should also learn to balance their studies and life.

       Dean Xu gave two examples to show the importance of being reliable or trustworthy. Warren Buffett has once said that the most important human character is trustworthiness. Only trustworthiness can win us trust and praises in our future careers. Guan Yu (a famous hero of the Three Kingdoms period)’s stories also exhibit to us the significance of reliability.



In answering the students’ questions, Dean Xi told us how he became an artist.  He said his love for art had started with Three Kingdoms’ comic books.  Nowadays, he said, kids all like imitating Japanese art, but actually Japanese students often come to China to study drawing and painting.  In our creative works, we should promote our Chinese culture and discover Chinese elements for art.

       When asked what was the most memorable for him after becoming the dean of the School, he proudly said that the textbooks he had edited together with students of the School are the main teaching materials for an Excellent Course of the Art and Design School.  The student’s works have not only appeared in the textbooks but also in Chinese art journals, suggesting that the 13 selected works are of relatively high quality.  At the end, Dean Xu encouraged the students that with good endeavor one can reach peaks of mountains and he hoped that the students will treasure the time in college and the favorable learning conditions they now enjoy.

Translated By Wei Ding


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