College English Teacher Quan An : English on Campus, My Second Class

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Zhibo Wu

Jiashan Campus


Trick or Treat! What is the last night of October? Halloween! As the western festival Halloween is coming, “English on Campus”sends the newest activities notices on WeChat in time. School English, English on Campus(EOC), is the activities originated by Jiashan English teacher, Quan An, for his second class.


Quan An organized and established the“English on Campus”activities, and he registered the“Sanda EOC”of WeChat public No. from the beginning of this semester to now(the seventh week), there are 645 students who have already have been paid attention to "public No",accounting for 20 percents of the total students in Jiashan.



English teachers will send the theme, numbers of participants(It depends), and the related information of the activity. Each activity includes three parts: introduction of background; questions and answers session (or personal display); theme activities (or role play). After the activity, we summarized the activity, and sent it to the students those who haven’t taken part in the activity in order to provide the chance for them to learn the related knowledge. Meanwhile, the public No will send some Chinese-English extracurricular knowledge in bilingual version to students from time to time. It is worth mentioning that English foreign teachers from the UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, America and Ireland are all involved in the activity.



Quan An said EOC is not called "English corner", because it is opened for students of the whole school. Every student who is interested in learning English can participate, and each time student's identity will not be restricted in taking part in the activities. EOC does not only enrich the campus culture, but also help the students to get rid of the the stereotype of traditional English learning, and regard English learning as a part of entertainment in life. The purpose of holding food, western festivals and other related theme activities, is to stimulate students’ interest and courage to speak English, so that they can learn English more vividly, which is really used in interpersonal communication. 



He said that students always like to send some ideas, tips and questions on WeChat, and he will try his best to answer them one by one. Students practice English, and establish their confidence. They can feel English is just around us, around school, and around their cellar phone.



There are 30 volunteers willing to help EOC to conduct activities. They think, during the activities, all teachers and students are communicating in English. So they can not only gain the English knowledge,but also gain the organization, communication and coordination ability.


For a long time, school has always been encouraged the reform of the teaching mode, which puts emphasis on fostering students’ innovation ability and the development of personality so that we can improve the students' interest in learning, learning enthusiasm, and cultivate the students' thinking ability and learning ability. We can gradually promote the new teaching methods, such as elicitation, discussion, case teaching, cooperative learning, and stimulate students to think independently, to be innovative. The second class is an important attempt. Teachers should adjust their teaching methods for the students of different characteristics, forming the students' autonomous learning mode, and improve teaching quality. The interaction of second class, teachers should be involved, and give students, the substantial technical guidance, strengthening students' practical ability. Quan An said that this is a very interesting work which can make the teachers communicate more with the students, and also learn more.




It is reported that there are a lot of activities in the English Department of Jiashan campus, such as "English micro film appreciation" and "voice club", organized by the teachers of English Department.


Translated By Qi Xia


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