39 Students Returned from India

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On Oct. 12th, 39 students of the School of Information Science and Technology (SIST) who participated in an INFOSYS training project returned from India.  The students are each of computer science, e-commerce or information management and information system major.  The project was jointly implemented by SIST and INFOSYS Education and Research (E&R) Center.

       Faculty of the INFOSYS E&R Center gave high evaluations of the students’ performances in India.  INFOSYS China’s leaders were pleasantly surprised by the progress the students have made.  The company is currently arranging internships for these “excellent Sanda students”.

       After three months of assiduous learning, the students saw that the favorable environment fully motivated their learning incentives, that the corporate case studies deepened their understanding of theoretical knowledge and their mastery of specialty skills, and that good teamwork enhanced their studying efficiency.  Their English listening and speaking skills have both seen substantial improvements as well.

       The students recalled that on their first day of training, August 5th, they wrote codes until 10 in the evening. Mohit, the most impressive instructor in the project, brought them the most passionate classroom teaching.  The students hope that SIST will continue to organize similar training programs to enhance their practical and application abilities, giving them opportunities for international exchange and a platform for enhancing their comprehensive personal qualities and for employment.

Translated By Wei Ding

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