Famous Hostess of Shanghai Spoke in the Xide Lecture

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On October 15th, Haiyan Fang, famous hostess of Shanghai Oriental TV’s news and entertainment channel, spoke in the 26th session of the Xide Lecture Series at the invitation of the event organizers. (Haiyan won “the Most Sympathetic Host Award” at the Chinese Stars Hosting Competition.) Speaking with the title “Confronting Dreams and Real Life”, Haiyan gave advice to the students on 4 aspects: the origin of dreams, passionate investment in pursuing dreams, the attitudes for realizing dreams and how to constantly approach our dreams.



Haiyan said, dreams are ideas that seem great to us, and relatively insignificant to others, but that persist in our hearts.

       One’s goal is where dreams come from.  The more realistic our goals are, the closer we are to our dreams.  Haiyan said that college students should ascertain their goals, and constant move forward.  For example, Jia Le, the famous founder of the “personality color theory”, knew clearly that his goal is to help more people benefit from the theory, so what he has been doing has been to constantly realize his goals.

       What do we need to do to realize our aims? One is passion and enthusiasm, which should never be lacking on our ways to realizing our dreams. It is only when we do what we like that we won’t feel tired, so the second important element is love. Find out what we love and give it all our passion and enthusiasm.  The third is attitude, which determines how high and firm we stand.  We should never be afraid of being looked down upon because it is only those who are weak in heart that will be afraid of it.  In the meantime, we should be humble and persistent in learning and learning from others.  Only in this way can we continuously approach our dreams.

       Capability refers to our core competitiveness in achieving our dreams. It is composed of 6 parts, namely communication ability, resilience, cooperation ability, execution, learning ability, and thinking and innovation abilities.  We need to learn to communicate with people who are different, whom we like or dislike, who are strange or familiar to us. We also need to know how to resist rumors to make ourselves physically and mentally strong. At the same time we should keep improving ourselves in cooperating with others, implementing tasks and in learning.
Haiyan concluded that we never lack heroes and heroines in our lives, and that we can somewhat identify from what they exhibit what we really want. We need to confront reality with a brave heart. Only then will we step onto the dazzling stage that belong to us and turn our dreams into reality.


Translated By Wei Ding



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