Sanda News Center Established

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Dejing Kong

News Center


On October 16th, Sanda News Center was established.  Its purpose is to better integrate campus media resources and information, unify campus and external press publicity and promote the university press publicity work.

      There are 6 functions to the News Center: First, university news publicity, cultural activity planning and organizing, and news collecting and discovering. Second, new media (including official micro-blogs and WeChat) daily maintenance and public opinion feedback. Third, university external news publicity work. Fourthly, building campus media including campus web, Sanda newspaper and journal, radio broadcasting, TV, publicity boards and electronic screens. Fifthly, guiding news publicity of different departments. Sixthly, completing other work and tasks assigned by the university party and political committees.


The News Center is a part of the University CCP Committee Publicity Department.


Translated By Wei Ding


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