"Love Me Once Again" Won the Third Prize in the Psychological Drama Contest of Shanghai Private Colleges

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Fangfang Zhang   
Mental Health Education and Counseling Center


In the afternoon of May 10, in the final of Psychological Drama Contest of Shanghai Private Colleges 2014, hosted by CPC Shanghai Municipal Private Colleges Work Committee and Shanghai Students' Mental Health Education Development Center and organized by Shanghai Jianqiao University, our school's drama "Love Me Once Again" Won the Third Prize.

      Guided by Ling Zhang and Ruoshu Zhang, teachers from Mental Health Education And Counseling Center, directed by Jie Shen, counselor from Foreign Languages School, and played by students including Yichen Shen, Jiayi Zheng, Feng Yu, Jiajie Wang, Hailian Xu, Mi Wu, Hongsheng Lv, Shiying Xie and Siyi yu, the drama tells the protagonists' joys and sorrows in family, friendship and love.  It got 86.92, ranking the 4th among 11 teams and was awarded the 3rd prize.  Chunfeng Chen, director of Student Word Department watched the performance and spoke highly of the performance of the students.

      Participating in the contest is part of our school's mental health education activity month in 2014 organized by Mental Health Education And Counseling Center.  The activity month lasts from May 5 to June 15 with "harmonious mind, healthy growth" as its theme, around which it carried out various mental health education activities, and disseminated knowledge on mental health, so as to create a favorable psychological atmosphere on campus, enhance students' awareness and interest in their own and others' mental health, and promote the development of students' mental health education activities.  Through lectures, and knowledge contest, essay contest (blog, and microblog), blackboard newspaper (poster) design, speeches, and psychological drama contest, community show, and peer help, it carried out a series of mental health education activities by using "E-class", campus website, school newspaper, and brochures, publicizing mental health knowledge, delivering physical and mental adjustment methods, spreading cherished life concept, and booting students to pursue the Chinese great revival dream with harmonious minds. 

Translated By Xia Qiao

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