Keeping the Sanda Style, and Striving to be a Career Star --- On the 2014 Graduation Ceremony

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“Let me give you my heart.My dreams are only complete when you give me your blessings.No matter how big the winds and waves, I will boldly go forward. Our love inlays the album of our youth.” It’s again the graduation season of the year.With songs of leaving, more than 3000 graduates will step into the society with what they have gained at Sanda.




At the undergraduate commencement, President Jin Li held hands and took pictures with every graduate.He also helped shift every graduate’s trencher cap tassels from the right to the left (symbolizing graduation), leaving each new graduate special memories about their last day in college.In this way he hoped to express Sanda’s earnest expectations for the students.He also said:”Let us remember Sanda’s university motto and keep our Sanda style.Let us keep the nation in our hearts and make great efforts for our careers.Let us learn to be principled in our respective job positions, and be tolerant towards others.”


The deans of the various schools stood at the center of the stage, holdings hands and whispering with the students, giving them last exhortations.When asked what the students said, Dean Xinghua Cheng of the School of Foreign Languages said:”Many students told me with excitement the good news that they had passed TEM8.” Some students hugged their deans; some took photos with their deans arm in arm; some, after leaving the stage, kept turning back with tears in their eyes.The hall was filled with the joy and sadness of the graduation season.




President Jin Li spoke more with actions at the undergraduate commencement, while at the graduation ceremony for three-year diploma program students, he spoke more as a senior giving words of exhortations to the young people who will soon be working:”Be idealistic and confident.Sanda has merged into your life histories.Keep the Sanda style.In a few years, stars will emerge from among you!”As soon as he said that, applauses rang through the hall.The president had always taught students how to be a good person, and how to study and do things well.Today his words are still sincere and his wishes still earnest:”You need to learn how to give to others in your work, how to get long harmoniously with others and be tolerant, how to be passionate, friendly and compassionate.”


To be a career star one needs to have strong capabilities and constantly make improvements.President Li hopes that the graduates will continue to exercise their foreign language abilities, professional competence, cross-cultural identification abilities, and cultivate good work attitudes and teamwork spirit.


The students have graduated not only with the accompaniment of their college instructors, but also that of the quietly devoted parents.At this season of harvest, parents said to their children:”Graduation is not the end, but the beginning of your career life.You need to bring what you have learned and gained from college into your future life journey, strive hard, and realize your ideals.Persist in your choices and work hard.Never easily give up.It’s only in this way that you can fly higher and farther, and finally realize your dreams!”


“With no wine and no feast, we wish you a good journey with our hearts!”With the sincere wishes and exhortations of the university leaders, faculty and parents, with college motto and dreams in heart, the graduates have packed up their luggage and set sail.They will continue to write the splendid life chapters that belong to them…


Translated By WeiDing

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