19 Students of Our University Take Internship at Disneyland

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Dejing KONG 

Office of Employment


The cooperation between our university and Shanghai Disney Resort has seen substantial development and 19 students of our university have passed the interview and will go to America and take an internship at Disneyland on July 7.

      Early in this February, leaders of our university went to the office of Shanghai Disney Resort and negotiated about the internship and reached an agreement on projects of Summer Internship in America, Internship of Character Art and Internship of Art Direction. Summer internship is a cooperation between America Disney International Program and Shanghai Disney Resort. 19 students won out in curriculum vitae selection and one-to-one English interview. According to Shanghai Disney Resort, the program intends to include 200 intern students and among the universities providing intern students, our university provides the most. And they are all enthusiastic, open and graceful with strong service awareness. The 19 students, majoring in English and Hotel Management, will take a 2-month paid internship as staff there and will receive on-the-job training first. Internship positions mainly focus on frontline service of catering, scenic spots and room service at Disneyland in Orlando. Disney will provide an opportunity of interview for the operation team in Shanghai Disney Resort for each intern student who completes the internship successfully.

      On June 27, a farewell ceremony was held for the 19 intern students where Vice President Fuming WANG expressed her hope that intern students abide by the principles of integrity and honesty, unity and mutual aid as well as enhance quality of their own and display the style of Sanda students. She also reminded them of minding personal and property safety, observing local traffic regulations and respecting local life habits.

      Leaders from related functional departments also expressed their advice and expectations.


Translated By Xia Qiao

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