School of Communications Co-established by China Internet News Center and Shanghai Sanda University

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Zijian YIN & Zhibo WU

Publicity Department of University CPC Committee




The ceremony for establishment of School of Communications by China Internet News Center and Shanghai Sanda University was held on June 18, where Jin LI, president of Sanda University, and Jiaming LI, director of China Internet News Center, signed Industry-University-Research agreement. Jiaming  LI, Jie REN, Vice Director of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, LI Xuanhai, Chairman of the Board and Jin LI launched the school, accompanied by related scholar societies, enterprises and representatives of teachers and students.



Jiaming LI said, in the past several years, Internet in China has been developing dramatically while the lack of network professionals is becoming increasingly severe, which creates the necessity for the cooperation in education between China Internet News Center and Shanghai Sanda University. In the future, the school will cultivate and provide a large number of high-level, highly-skilled and high-quality network talents equipped with qualified political thought and competent professional knowledge.

      According to Jie YIN, the constantly-developing Internet technology has casted tremendous change on life and thinking way of young people; meanwhile, new media has become an important symbol of a country’s soft power. At present, China cries for application-oriented talents in this area. However, cultivation of talents cannot be accomplished without integrating with this field closely or fully understanding it. We must build our school into an institute with its own position and distinctive features and we must make full use of advantages of this industry and extend our education space and field so as to achieve the goal of cultivating high-quality application-oriented talents. 

      “The establishment of our school is a business and a duty for our university, China Internet News Center and the municipal education commission. Internet involves millions of families and education influences generations of children, both of which are a virtuous deed. We hope our cooperation in education will make more opportunities for each student and more contribution to our country,” said LI Jin in his address.

        Shanghai Sanda University has always taken cultivating comprehensive application-oriented talents with high quality as its target and attached importance to practical education, experimental and training curricula construction and development of technical skills and kept exploring reformation on training model of application-oriented talents. The university integrated the superior resources from the majors of Journalism, Information Management and System, E-commerce, Visual Communication Design and others with existing specialty construction and formed the School of Communications based on IT technology, equipped with open, comprehensive and interactive practice teaching platform and post technology practice platform, taking social demands and the other party’s requirement as standard, making cultivation of application-oriented talents as its purpose and improving students’ independent study ability and suitable work and production ability as its target.




The university always keeps pace with the times and actively explores education methods. This strategic cooperation with China Internet News Center and founding the School of Communications is the university’s new measure to transform to a university of applied technology as well as a breakthrough in promoting the reform and development of Journalism so as to make it more applicable in social and economic development.


Fully cooperating with China Internet News Center will enable the school to bring in high-level technology and managers of this field from government administration, the industry and enterprises and to study and create a running environment modeled in enterprises and build a comprehensive platform integrating practice and training in order that students obtain the ability and skills of collecting, processing and publishing on multi terminals images, words and AV information as well as the ability to launch platform with the information on the multi terminals of multimedia. What’s more, the school is designed to develop students’ ability to monitor information constantly, supervise micro-blogs, statistically analyze, brief information, operate SMS alert and system management and support search on designated websites and the entire network, multi-used privilege control, sensitive word filtration and supervision on mainstream micro-blogs. The two parties will build the Internet News Information Management Talents Training Center in Shanghai to contribute to the society and cultivate the imperative Internet press workers and technology service professionals.


Fugen LI, Vice Director of China Internet News Center, will take up the Dean of School of Communications and Yuechang ZHU, Assistant Dean of School of Humanities in Shanghai Sanda University will take office as the Executive Dean.



Translated By Xia Qiao

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