1st Young Teachers Teaching Contest in Our University

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ZHU Xiaozhe

Office of Academic Affairs


On June 16, our university held the preliminary of the 1st Young Teachers Teaching Contest. 9 young teachers participated and 3 of them won.
To strengthen young teachers’ basic teaching skills and capacity training and give a full play of guidance and example to teaching contest on young teachers and in accordance with the national and municipal arrangement, our university will hold young teachers contest every two years starting from this year. The contest this year covered 3 groups, Humanistic and Social Science, Basic Natural Science and Applied Natural Science and all young teachers in teaching post were qualified to enroll.



In this preliminary, teachers in the groups of Humanistic and Social Science and Applied Natural Science competed and displayed themselves in the 20-minute class teaching contest. With evaluation and review of experts from within and outside the university, Genhong YI (contest entry: Management), from School of Information Science and Technology, and SUN Juan (contest entry: College Chinese) won the 1st and 2nd Place of Group Humanistic and Social Science; ZHAO Tingting (Fundamental Nursing), from School of International Medical Technology, won the 1st Place of Applied Natural Science. Genhong YI and Tingting ZHAO will compete in the final of Shanghai Higher Education Institute Young Teachers Teaching Contest to be held in late June on behalf of our university.


Translated By Xia Qiao

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