Shengxiang Business School Conducting Cross-Major Comprehensive Training

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From June 4th to 6th, Shengxiang Business School conducted cross-major comprehensive training in its experimental center.  More than 80 students of finance and accounting majors participated.  The purpose of the training was to explore how to reform the modes of cultivating applied business talents, to improve the program quality for bringing up undergraduate students and to nurture applied and interdisciplinary talents.  Associate Dean Wenhua Wang, Associate Dean Shuxian Chen, and Prof. Yiqing Yang of the Shengxiang Business School and other leaders attended the activities.

       The cross-major comprehensive training platform is a platform for comprehensive simulation training based on the operating philosophies of manufacturing enterprises and upstream and downstream business relationships, set in a self-contained modern services’ environment where the service and manufacturing industries work in coordination, the supply chains work in coopetition, and the production chains, circulation chains and funding chains are highly integrated.

       The courses aim to meet the needs of practical teaching, combining theoretical teaching and enterprise practice, and consolidating expertise knowledge of economics and finance majors and practical business procedures.  The students are divided into different units including 9 manufacturing enterprises, 3 trading companies, the Administration of Industry and Commerce, and several banks and modern service enterprises.  Different from traditional theoretical teaching, in this training process, students are the main characters.  They were constantly discovering problems while playing different roles and strived to solve the problems with the hints and help from the instructors.

        During the 3 days, they kept very high enthusiasm for learning.  They listened carefully in class, asked the instructors questions, and voluntarily did extra work after classes, making posters, completing taxation registrations, and planning operating strategies for their respective work unit. Through the training, they obtained in-depth experiences of the operating and management procedures of manufacturing enterprises, the making of operational decisions and strategies and business contacts, and the conducting of regular business operations.

        This training deepened students’ understanding of modern enterprises and commercial environment, enhanced students’ autonomous learning and comprehensive practical abilities.  It is an important and successful attempt in the Business School’s promotion of innovative modes of cultivating talents and prior preparation for fully promoting cross-major comprehensive simulation training.

        The following are pictures from the training sites.







Translated By Wei Ding

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