The Closing of the Fifth Sanda Psychological Sitcoms Contest

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Ruoshu Zhang,
Psychological Health Education and Counseling Center


The Fifth Sanda Psychological Sit-coms Contest closed its curtains on May 28th.  It was organized mainly by the Psychological Health Education and Counseling Center, and co-organized by Sanda College Students Psychological Development Association and the College Psychological Association’s Sanda Branch.

      This contest was one of the main activities of Sanda’s May Psychological Health Educational Activities Month.  It was aimed at universalizing knowledge of psychological health, enhancing students’ awareness of psychological health, improving students’ psychological quality and helping students to master psychological adjustment methods of helping others and helping oneself, and to establish correct values.


The participating sit-coms were of various themes, including issues such as growing up, interpersonal relationships, love and emotions, reproducing vividly the true stories happening around college students.  They illustrated the process of occurring, adjusting and resolving of college students’ psychological conflicts, fusing together kinship, friendship, and love.  The performances are sometimes humorous, sometimes tears-inducing, causing resonance and provoking thoughts from the entire audience.


“New York, New York” of the School of Foreign Languages was about a pure and beautiful campus love story, in which the heroine Meijia finally found herself after a heart-breaking and perplexing experience. In “Giving Freedom to Love” of the School of Management, the hero Xiaofeng was preparing for graduate school entrance exams to meet the   expectations of his parents and girlfriend, though he himself didn’t like the idea.  Through a self-dialogue and open communications with his loved ones, he came to understand that only in finding his real-self could he bring happiness to those around him.  “Courage” of the Business School told about a story that happened between good friends.  Everyone will make mistakes.  The important is that we need to bravely face our mistakes and not shirk our responsibilities.  The main character Fei Li of “Flying High” of the School of Information Sciences and Technology came from a poor background, but he was by nature very competitive, and would not accept the reality that others were stronger than he was. All of these brought huge pressure to him, and finally he came to see the hardships his mother had undergone and the sacrifices his sister had made for him.It was only if he studied hard that he could repay his family members’ love and concern. The main character Aijia of “Misplaced Passion” of the School of Humanities has once experienced emotional betrayal.  His good friend Luer has given her her most needed love and accompany.  Aijia mistakenly thought that she was attracted to girls.  With the encouragement of her friends and classmates, she was able to bravely face her heart, and see her own cowardice and deceit.  She decided not to avoid reality and to be the most of her real self.



This entire contest lasted close to three months from preparation to the official performances.Each participating team repeatedly revised the script, carefully deliberated the lines, and tried their best.Their brilliant performances, creative props, and complementary background music, dubbing voices and internal monologues, inspired the audiences as well as giving them enjoyment of the performances.Students from Shanghai Finance University and the Psychological Association of Shanghai Second Polytechnic University were invited to watch the performances.


Translated By Wei Ding

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