Yishu Warning the Students: Without Dreams, Why do We Go Afar?

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Hao Fu

Office of Student Affairs


Recently Yishu, a writer of the post 80’s generation, CEO of Star Entertainment, came to the 25th “Xide Forum” and gave a lecture on pursuing dreams afar using the very experiences of his own.

       Yishu, who was a Chinese Language and Literature major in college, had autism in his freshman year, because of which he was once completely enclosed in his own writing space.  He explained:”Because I could control the fates of all those characters I created, my confidence kept growing.”  This sense of solitary disappointment quickly improved his writing, and he published many influential works.

        Given his capability and a good opportunity, after college graduation, he worked for the Hunan TV station.  Since he wanted to go farther away, he chose to come to Beijing, and worked at many famous media companies. Regarding his constant choice-making and growth, Yishu said:“I hope we will change our future not only because we’re good enough, but also because we are strong enough.”


Regarding his own entrepreneurship, Yishu said: “A good result will not take too much of waiting, but it will definitely not be smooth”.  He warned us that besides life and death, there is nothing that matters so much.  The pains, arduousness and hardness on our life journey are all just a part of life.  Life is like an electrocardiogram, whose ups and downs show that you are still alive.  If one day it becomes completely monotonous, then it shows that your life has become frozen.

       When talking about past dreams and what lies far ahead, Yishu gave 5 words of advice: acceptance, confession, blessings, gratitude and a better-self.  Regarding acceptance, Yishu thinks that we need to accept this imperfect world, and all the more we need to accept our imperfect selves, because it is only if we accept pains that we can give fuller play to our abilities, and walk out better.  Confession is recognizing our wrongs when we meet with all kinds of setbacks and embarrassments on our way of growth. Because the only wrongs are ours, whether it is in not making enough efforts, being too soft-hearted or being too dumb. All of these wrongs we need to shoulder ourselves.  Gratitude requires that we be grateful in heart at all time, to our relatives, friends and even enemies.  If we can do these then we can be our better selves.  He concluded that a good fowl will choose a good tree to rest upon.  The more important is that we be a good tree.  It’s only when we have grown into a phoenix tree that we can attract the most beautiful phoenix.

        Regarding dreams, Yishu said, “We don’t need to shoulder too many big visions.  It’s actually the real details on our roads that are the most important.  It’s only when you have stepped onto the journey that you can discover your real dreams, and then to approach them and to realize them.”  About what is far away, he said, “In life there are no multiple choice questions.  There is no right or wrong about our choices either.  It’s like a person who has dreams don’t necessarily need to go to a far away place either.  But when you have resolutely left your parents, left home and run afar, then you need to be able to shoulder the heavy dreams.  Because when you feel that the roads under your feet are so muddy, there is only one thing you can do, which is to wipe away your tears and sweat and continue further.”

Translated By Wei Ding

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