Our Students Won Prizes in the First Cross-Strait College Students' Information Literacy Contest

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Danjue Zhang   

Informatization Office 


Recently, the First Cross-Strait Students' Information Literacy Contest was held in USST, and 114 college students in 38 teams from eight universities across the Taiwan Strait participated in the contest.  Three team members in each team in over 150 minutes produced "smart city" works via software like Office, multimedia and webpage making, demonstrating students' information literacy.  Six teams sent by our school got good results after work display and defense, including two second prizes, two third prizes, and one participation prize.



This contest is designed to mobilize the enthusiasm of students, to provide reference for international standards of college computer education, teaching - learning platform and teaching demonstration cases.  Teams won second prize and above will participate in the First Cross-Strait College Students Creative Activities from August 5 to 11 organized by Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan LUNGHWA University of Science and Technology, STUST and some other universities.

       During the pre-contest, team-forming, and preparations, our school leaders, Office of Academic Affairs, International Cooperation Division, Youth League, College of Information Science and Technology, etc. have given great care and support; especially the coaching from the teachers of basic computer office have laid foundation for the success of the students.

       To watch the prize-winning works, you can log onto our ftp site (FTP: \ \ \); the folder name is showcase of prize-winning works in computer contests.

Translated By Xia Qiao

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