Edutainment - A Special Training Class on Human Development by Rehabilitation Department

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Yunfeng Gong   

Jiashan Guangbiao College 


On May 25, Jiashan Guangbiao College (School of Basic Education) ushered in a number of special "guests", who were infants and their parents invited by the labor union of Jiashan Campus to attend parent-child activities. 



To stimulate students' learning enthusiasm and deepen their understanding of the theoretical knowledge, International College of Medical Technology, on the coming of Children's Day, designed a vivid social practice lesson, which was organized by Rehabilitation Department with the coordination of Youth League Committee, labor union and Sanda E-class Development Center.


The event was planned by Ying Wang, dean of Rehabilitation


Department and Shengqun Zhu, teacher of Rehabilitation Training Center, organized and implemented by students in the class of 2013, who used their curricular knowledge and designed activities to practice infants' gross motor ability, fine motor ability, cognition,  coordination and speech recognition.  The activities are mostly carried out in the forms of fun games, such as dressing game, obstacles race, joy fishing, rhymes, tongue twisters and so on.  Rehabilitation students divided the infants into 4 groups, namely 0-1, 1-2, 2-3 and 3+ years old. Different games were designed based on the characteristics of different stages of infant development to practice infants' abilities in motor, cognition, and language. 



During the happy hours full of children's naivety, students, parents, and kids frequently interacted and the babies also demonstrated their abilities. The event has achieved good results.  In the scene, little babies and their mom and dad together, were playing a variety of games.  With the hard work of the maintenance staff, laughters were non-stop, when kids were having all the fun and parents also appreciated the fun and meaning of parent-child interactions.

       Ying Wang said, the event have created an opportunity for the students to observe closely the growth and development state of infants in different ages. It has not only increased the students' social practice ability and deepened their understanding of the curriculum, but also enriched the cultural life on campus.  After the event, students said that such a training class was interesting.  International College of Medical Technology showed appreciation for all the faculty staff and students and also the babies who brought students the most intuitive feelings. 



It is learned that first students of the Rehabilitation Department have entered the stage of studying the basics of medicine, and "human development science", as a basic course, is an important course to give students a comprehensive understanding of the human system and to lay an important foundation for the clinical courses.



Teachers on Jiashan Campus expressed appreciation for the event, and said that while celebrating the Children's Day in advance, students of rehabilitation major also exercised their social practice ability.

Translated By Xia Qiao

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