The Big Data Laboratory was Completed and Opened for Use

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Yuan Qing

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After more than half of a year, the construction of the Laboratory for Big Data Processing and Its Applications (The Big Data Laboratory) of the School of Information Science and Technology was completed.  It passed the final acceptance test of construction and was put into use on May 8th.  Currently the running and debugging of system integration, and instructor training are all underway at the same time.  Sanda is taking advantage of the opportunity to build up a technological highland that involves and fuses together many disciplines.

       Nansheng Chen and Ying Chen, Deputy Deans of the School of Information Science and Technology and Chief Professor of Sanda Jun Ni are in charge of building the Big Data Laboratory, whose construction started at the end of 2013.  The project targets are the following three: 1. To build a model teaching and research platform where young instructors, graduate students of the engineering master’s program and some of the upper-class undergraduates will engage in research and teaching training on the key technologies and data mining of big data processing and relevant applications. 2. To provide an operational environment with the technical features of distributive data storage and parallel computing of big data processing. 3. To make system configuration flexible so as to adjust and expand the system structure and functions, helping them to meet the needs of different research and teaching projects.




In order to help instructors of the School and other related departments of the University to understand and master relevant technologies and knowledge, and to engage in research projects making use of the laboratory, starting from April 9th, the information science studio has organized technical training open to all instructors of the University with lectures from engineers and specialists from IBM and other relevant enterprises presenting research results from utilizing the platform.

        So far training topics have covered IBM FLEX SYSTEM, PCMAE cloud management platform, Hadoop distributed computing, Big Data visualization and NIS management, GPFS-FPO parallel file system, Platform Symphony framework and practice of enterprise-level distributive computing, GPFS framework and practice of enterprise-level distributive storage, and methods of data analysis using SPSS.

        Ying Chen said that Sanda has not only purchased facilities from famous enterprises, but will also seek to obtain after-purchase technical services and instructor-training.  She introduced that the Joint IMB-Sanda Big Data Laboratory was launched on March 11th, and the two sides are cooperating in building teaching platforms, training faculty, building excellent courses, technical training, joint research and cooperation, innovative cooperation, organizing Wise Campus activities, providing student internships and campus recruitment.  The School of Information Science and Technology are targeting the cultivation of talents in multi-layered data processing and technical applications.  They emphasize dislocation competition and are conducting industry-university cooperation student training projects, helping students to understand and master one to two IT frontier technologies, so as to enhance their professional competitiveness.

        Ying Chen also says that the School will make full use of the Big Data Laboratory to follow closely the new trends of IT development.  They will strive to walk at the technical forefront of big data applications, so as to provide robust lab conditions for their establishing the engineering master’s program. What is more important, young instructors have fully participated in the lab construction, whose accumulated experience this time will provide a foundation for the inner quality development of relevant disciplines and majors and for establishing teaching-training platforms.

        The young instructors who have participated in the training all said that they have benefited from it.  Currently those in the School are regularly conducting academic activities and are engaged in project research surrounding the hot spots of computer science technology’s development frontiers and technical applications.

        Project acceptance test experts think that the Big Data Laboratory has provided the key technologies and technical environment for processing big data, which is conducive to promoting the inner quality development of IT technology, and supplies a technical platform for big data analysis and applications in relevant areas of public health, finance and trade, and management. It is beneficial to developing new disciplines.

         The experts also suggest that the School should enhance and perfect lab functions on image processing and analysis, data mining and analysis, and upgrade the operational performance in parallel computing, distribution and storage to summit values, so as give full play to the use of the platform.

Translated By Wei Ding

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