Ligang Li Telling the “Secrets of Humanity” at Xide Forum

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Hao Fu

Office of Student Affairs


Famous negotiation and sales training expert, CEO of China, council member of Sichuan Chamber of Commerce Ligang Li recently came to Xide Forum and explained the “Secrets of Humanity” from 4 aspects “the Natural Laws from the Sun to the Moon”, “The Fundamental Reasons for Human Strengths and Weaknesses”, “The Fundamental Principles of Campaigning for Oneself” and “Borrowing from Others’ Strengths”.



Ligang Li first told us that no matter whether it is in nature or in human society, what is less in energy and strength will evolve around what is more stable and stronger, that things are indisputably ordered according to their strengths.



Spring is green; summer is red; autumn is yellow, and winter is white.  The cyclical changes of the four seasons also show the cyclical changes in our vigor.  Ligang Li also told us that the cyclical changes in our strengths and vigor through the four seasons depend upon the amount of information we receive.  Using the famous physics formula E=MC²: When a person receives a lot causing a big M, E will be big as a result.  It means there is plenty of energy and that the person is full of vigor.  Hence, he told us that we should listen more and read more, and speak less, because the more information we expose about ourselves, the less we will receive and the less our vigor will be.

       Therefore when discussing the principles of campaigning for ourselves, he emphasized that if a person wants to do something, he needs to have a stout heart, enough explosive power or patience.  If a person wants to achieve something big, he will need patience all the more, because people who make strategic decisions are usually in particular need of patience.  But patience is not inborn.  When derided by others, our confidence will be very weak and our energy little as well as if we were at a disadvantage.  Ligang Li encouraged the audience that real strength comes from great tolerance.  A person who is truly strong will not look down upon others.  Life is a journey of spiritual practice.  We need to be calmer and less moody.  We should often smile.  A person that often smiles has a stouter heart.


        When talking about borrowing from other people’s strengths, Ligang told us that when we are very strong, we need to campaign for ourselves meaning we need to creative conditions for exhibiting our strengths.  When we are very weak, or when we face failures, we need to borrow from others’ strengths so as to change ourselves through external power.  This was how Yun Ma founded 阿里巴巴 after many entrepreneurial failures.  On the other hand, he explained that if we want to receive something and cooperate with others, we need to first pave the road by ourselves.  It is only when we give first, that others will accept and like you and further, give to you.  So is it better to give others reputation or money?  The answer is surely, reputation, for when we give others reputation, we have given substantially and not lost anything substantial.



Most people’s lives will not always be filled with good fortunes, opportunities and the support of others at the same time.  Ligang concluded that in life we need to have two things: dreams and desires.  Only if we possess dreams, and the strong desires to realize them, will our college and after-college life be exciting and fulfilling.


Translated By Wei Ding

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