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Jingling Cai   

Shanghai Sanda Newspaper 


She is an intimate sister to many students and a strict teacher in the eyes of students. She is a non-stop workaholic who always adhere to the original belief: burn youth for the most sacred cause under the sun- education. She is Tingting Liu, Deputy Secretary of the General Party Branch and Director of Student Education Office of Jiashan Campus.



Two Choices Without Hesitation

When she graduated in 2006, as winner of the outstanding student leaders in Shanghai twice and one of the first batch of student deputy secretary of Youth League, Tingting Liu did not hesitate to choose to stay and work in our school.

        After working for a month on Ginhai Campus, she readily agreed to transfer to Jiashan Campus where student workers are needed.  After transferred to Jiashan, she focused all her energy on the work and only could be reunited with her families on weekends.


Grow up in the Work  


When she arrived in Jiashan, there was a lot of work that has not been institutionalized.  Tingting Liu's first job was to establish rules and regulations following the military training mode of Jinhai campus. She devoted all her efforts to establishment of new rules and regulations, clear records, and standard student organizations, and many other work like that. Her colleagues commented: She is a workaholic; her office is often the last one to turn off lights in the administrative building.


Unreservedly Help Special Students


In the eyes of students , Tingting Liu is a counselor with charisma.  She will sternly tell the students about right and wrong and some interpersonal skills.  She also lets students understand today's strictness is for more recognition in the future, so she is an intimate sister to many students.  With the principle of "Do not abandon, Do not give up", she especially cares about special students, hoping to help them achieve a better tomorrow.

        In the past 8 years, her childishness faded and she harvested valuable experience with students everywhere . For the initial promise , she is still walking on the road of student work unhesitatingly!


Translated By XiaQiao

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