Less Shallow Reading, More Deep Reading

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Chun Qiu 

Shanghai Sanda Newspaper 


This April , Marquez's death and the arrival of World Book Day make "reading" once again a hot topic.  More and more college students, surrounded by the Internet, Microblogging, WeChat and other information technologies, tend to shallow reading featuring fast-food style, randomness, fragmentation and entertainment and become increasingly divorced from deep reading, which is worrying .

        Shallow reading easily leads to shallow thinking and also makes people become superficial, impulsive, crowd-following. Moreover, it's just a pity to waste one's ephemeral life on the boring "news" like the star anecdote and funny post.  College students are in the golden period of knowledge acquisition and quality enhancement, which is undoubtedly inseparable from the deep reading featuring chewing, tasting and thinking.  Such deep reading makes a person wise, trains his ability in critical thinking, inquiry, judgment and imagination, develops "an inherent composure and quiet character", enriches his mind and sets his soul in peace.  Moreover, "University students are the researchers who have profound knowledge". Without deep reading, it is hard to acquire profound knowledge and even harder to have character depth and personality connotation.

        Shallow reading reflects not only an impetuous society and utilitarian education but also reflects the current college students' pleasure-seeking and lazy situation. In the long run, it will bring tragedy to the national prosperity and cultural heritage.  To develop the deep reading habit, in addition to the joint efforts of society, government, and schools, more importantly, college students should stay away from the so-called "information fast food" and read more extensively and more deeply some classics and professional works so as to become "intellectuals" with a sense of social responsibility and deep thinking power. 


                                                                             Translated By XiaQiao
                                                                                                                                   Translated By XiaQiao                                                                                         

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