Help Students Become Independent Learners - An Interview with Yu Feng, Dean of College English Department

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Jing Shi    

Shanghai Sanda Newspaper 

The School proposed the strategic plan which advocates the education starting from the autonomous learning platform and guiding the self-confidence-oriented autonomous learning for the lifelong development of each student.  On the new teaching model of college English department, Yu Feng accepted the reporter's interview .

       Idea: let teaching go ahead of the development

       According to Yu Feng, in the process of students' autonomous learning, teachers should by no means just sit on the sidelines; instead, throughout the students' autonomous learning, they should give students' persuasion, direction, supervision, and guidance.  He said, the teacher's role is like scaffolding when building a house. In the teaching process, teachers should constantly adjust teaching strategies according to students' practical learning. Over time, teachers will help students internalize the strategy and then at an appropriate time remove the scaffolding and ultimately enable students to grow into independent learners.

       Practice : School-based syllabus, "flipped the classroom " and formative assessment

       The school-based syllabus that will promote the English teaching reform has tentatively laid down. A new round of teaching will highlight the language application capability, adhere to the language output-driven, student-centered, and teacher-led teaching philosophy, and advocate the teaching mode of project-centered, small-classes, multi-resources, and individual and cooperative learning, combining multi-level knowledge, skills and activities, language learning and idea exchange, curricular teaching and extracurricular activities and interests, classroom teaching and online learning, as well as a variety of assessment methods. 

        Flipped classroom concept is: students complete the learning beforehand with the learning resources released by the teacher on the online learning platform; in class, the teacher answers questions and verify the learning result of key elements of learning; the students participate in language output activities by using what they have learned in the cooperative learning method. 


In the past two years, Yu Feng has increased the proportion the process assessment in college English department,  urging students to focus on learning accumulation and develop good study habits. As for the assessment, he has combined student stage reflection, online self-test, unit peer assessment, verification of grading standards, etc.



College English Department is on the exploring road to the autonomous learning,  hoping this new teaching model will be enlightening for reforms of other subjects .


Translated By Xia Qiao

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