More than 160 Companies Came to Sanda for Recruitment

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Yanan Wang & Fangfang Zhang
Office of Career Services

      On April 19th, more than 160 companies of various sizes came to the Spring Campus Recruitment Fair organized by Sanda’s Office of Career Services, providing more than 3000 job positions covering areas including finance, architecture, IT, education and services.  Among the recruiters are some big companies including Shanghai Starbucks Co. Ltd., Shanghai Homeinns Co. Ltd. and China Life Insurance Company Ltd. Shanghai Branch.

      Most of the recruiters at the fair have established long-term collaborative relationships with Sanda.  At the fair, we learnt that the recruiters are not only looking for a good command of specialty knowledge in the job-seekers, but even more so how well they can apply their knowledge and skills and good teamwork, organization, facilitation, communication and adaptation skills and capabilities, and in addition the qualities of diligence, dependability and persistence.  Director of recruitment of Bsteel Co. Ltd said, “I pay very much attention to details.  No matter what your major is, from our interview talk today I can tell how good you are.”  Some of the recruiting specialists were very anxious about the students who kept walking around without sitting down for a talk, “Why don’t you sit down?  Whether or not the interview will be successful, it is a process of ascertaining your future direction.”



Many of the job-seekers were still at a loss what to do.  Student Wang, who is an accounting major of the Class of 2014 and was filling out a form with a recruiter, said:”I haven’t done any research about the company. I’m submitting a resume because they are looking for accountants.” Some of the hiring companies are hoping to hold more career talks at Sanda in the future so as to give the students and the companies more opportunities of learning about each other.  They also suggested that Sanda attach more importance to students’ career planning, helping them to specify early their job-seeking goals.



Translated By Wei Ding

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