Annual Conference on Security Works of Shanghai Association of Higher Education Held in Jiashan Campus

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Jiashan Guangbiao College 


In the morning of April 17, the 27th Annual Conference on Security Works of Shanghai Association of Higher Education was held in the Library Lecture Hall of Jiashan Campus.  Deyi Gao, deputy party secretary of Shanghai education health work committee and deputy director of Shanghai municipal education commission, Yimin Kong, Shanghai state security bureau official, Likang Wang, chief of logistics division of Shanghai  municipal education commission, Kaifeng Ji, director general of securities work seminar, and about 240 other representatives from universities, enterprises and hospitals in Shanghai attended the conference. Fuming Wang, deputy secretary of university party committee and vice president of our university delivered a welcome speech.



It is reported that this annual meeting lasted for two days with the purposes to help universities timely understand and master the latest development of technical security precaution products and to continuously promote the construction of the university technical security precautions so as to meet the requirements of the university security work.  At the conference,the seminar made the work report of 2013 and the work plan of 2014; East China University of Science and Technology and East China Normal University conducted academic exchanges respectively; relative officials delivered speeches on the report; members carried out group discussions.

       After the opening ceremony, Deyi Gao and his team visited the Jiashan campus and made a detailed inspection of basic medical experimental center laboratory, centralized control room, language lab, basic computer education training room, technical safety facilities and many other facilities on campus.


In the morning of April 18, the annual conference closed. In the closing ceremony, representatives of each sub-seminar gave speeches; the seminar made the report on the 27th annual conference's income and expenses, changes in seminar council officials and department staff, as well as the list of the newly-added enterprises.  Likang Wang delivered the closing speech.

Translated By Xia Qiao

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