An Hour in the Morning is Worth Two in the Evening - On-The-Spot Record of Some Students' Morning Reading on Jiashan Campus

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Jingling Cai   

Shanghai Sanda Newspaper 

       With the sound of reading aloud, the first sunshine in the morning casted on the playground of Jiashan campus and woke up the whole campus.  Some students are reading aloud with English reading materials at their hands. Such figures and such voices are full of their youth and passion, dreams and hopes.



On October 22 last year, the English Association initiated "Morning Star Plan", encouraging students to read in the playground in the morning half an hour before the morning study hour.  The initial participants include students of English major or English Association. After a semester, some students are still persisting.  Now, the participants have extended to the whole campus and the autonomous learning becomes a common practice.

        Morning reading hour is from 6:40 AM to 7:10 AM, Monday to Friday. Monday morning is guided reading led by English majors.  On Tuesday to Friday, students read on their own.  The reading materials provided by the English Association include: Classic sentence patterns in CET4 and CET 6, commonly-used English words and sentences, etc.  Meanwhile, the Association set up a WeChat and QQ group, providing a platform for students to sharing study experiences.

  Minglei Zhang, director of the English Association told the reporter, the morning reading begins in 6:40 in the morning but some students begin their reading as early as 6:15.  Freshmen have morning study hour from 7:30-8:00 everyday, but why do they get up even earlier for the morning reading at the cost of more sleep? Wenxin Liang, student of business administration major, said, "Jogging and reading in the morning give the taste of youth.  Morning is the time in a day with the best memory. To begin a day with morning reading, I feel fully energetic." 

        Now, every day there are 50 to 100 students reading.  According to a student tutor, half of the students in her class have participated in the morning reading.  As a reading leader, Ying Zhang from the English Department said, "Morning reading can enhance our memory. I'm very glad to help other students correct their pronunciations. I also made many friends on this platform."

        Knowledge is infinite. Especially the language study is a process of gradual improvement which relies on gradual accumulation.  As an English teacher said, morning is the essence of a day and the reading aloud which involves mouth, ear and brain at once can enhance our memory.  To realize our self-improvement goals in a real sense, the most important thing is perseverance. 

(Morning reading on Jiashan Campus,   by Minglei Zhang)

Translated By XiaQiao




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