The Computer Science Department of the School cooperates with the enterprise to foster the talents

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The Computer Science Department of the School of Information Science and Technology has upheld the principles of “serving the society with high quality and characteristics through dislocation competition”.In seeking to give full play to its own characteristics and meet social and economic needs, it has explored and put into practice a mode of cultivating application-oriented software services outsourcing talents.The department strives to realize “seamless docking” with software services outsourcing enterprises and has cooperated with companies such as Infosys Technologies (China) Co., Ltd..It has received positive recognition regarding the quality of its students, who have proved to be relatively competitive in seeking employment.



The department has adopted mainly the following measures in cultivating talents: First, in accordance with the needs of social and economic development and of the IT industry, it has clarified its goals and developed three majors meeting urgent market needs, which are software development, testing and network, and embedded systems.



Second, in order to tailor to the needs of the software services outsourcing industry, the department has established a theoretical course system and a progressive teaching system “with comprehensive project practice as its main line”.Also depending on its university-industry cooperation mechanisms, it has constructed a multistep quality education system.



Third, the department has created a “2.5+1.5” university-industry cooperative teaching mode, where in the first 5 semesters, the students will take general education, basic major and core major courses within the department.After that, in the last 3 semesters, students will take training courses within their major disciplines offered by part-time trainers from the industry, engage in enterprise internships and conduct senior thesis projects.



In the senior thesis projects there are advisors from both the department and the industry.In 2013, the university-industry cooperation was taken a step further.More than 30 students of computer science major received systematic project training and did internships at Infosys’ Global Training Center. They completed their senior thesis projects with guidance from specialists of the company and wrote out their theses entirely in English. 


Since 2010, the Computer Science Department has signed 22 cooperation agreements with 11 companies and achieved great results through these university-industry cooperation programs.


--- The cooperation has significantly enhanced the inner quality of the department.  The dual faculty team (i.e. having faculty members from both the department and the industry), specialized laboratories and intern bases have laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the major, and has also created a favorable environment for enhancing the students’ practical abilities.


--- The undergraduate teacher quality of the department has received good evaluations.The Department’s computer science major has been ranked as a four-star major in the “2012 Analytical Assessment Report of New Undergraduate Majors” jointly published by relevant institutions authorized by the Higher Education Department of the Education Ministry.


--- Students’ innovative and practical abilities have clearly been improved.In all kinds of competitions including the National Software Design and Entrepreneurship Contest of Professional Talents over 2010-2013, students of the Computer Science Department won 33 prizes.


--- Students of the department have proved to be relatively competitive in seeking employment.They have been welcomed by the IT industry and have maintained an employment rate of more than 97% over the past few years.Starting from the second semester of the students’ junior year, IT enterprises such as Infosys will come on campus to recruit, and by the end of the first semester of the senior year most students will have already found a job.


This talent-cultivating mode has been implemented fully among the computer science majors of the School of Information Science and Technology.In fact it has been adopted for and has attained satisfactory results among the two majors of information management and information system, and e-business.This past February, the project “An Exploration and Implementation of a Mode for Cultivating Application-Oriented Software Services Outsourcing Talents through University-Industry Cooperation” undertaken by Dean Ziwen Xu and Associate Dean Nansheng Chen won 2013 Shanghai City Higher Education Teaching Achievement First Award.

Translated By Wei Ding


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