School Enterprise Cooperation——Fostering Applicative Talents

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 Zhen Xia

Shengxiang Business School


On April 4, a student training (in preparation for a bank skills contest), which was jointly organized by the Shengxiang Business School and China Construction Bank(CCB) and jointly undertaken by the Finance Profession Development Society of the Finance Department and Student Bank, was held at the Jinqiao Branch of CCB.




Bank skills include banknote counting, banknote binding, voucher input, Chinese character input, etc.. The Jinqiao Branch of CCB took the cooperation program very seriously.Senior managers of the bank introduced to the students the three essential qualities of a bank clerk.First, a clerk needs to be fast and efficient, and highly familiar withhis/her work, reducing customer waiting time.Second, a clerk needs to be enthusiastic and use professional language so as to leave each customer a good impression.Third, he/she needs to have a good command of and be update on financial knowledge and financial market status quo.



Trainer Xiaoqin Zhao, who has won many bank skills awards, taught the students how to count and bind banknotes.She said that acquiring the skills requires diligence and a generous investment of time into the training.The students practiced while watching her demonstration and were assisted by a few other trainers from the bank.After a few rounds of practice, the students felt it really wasn’t easy to be fast and standard in gestures at the same time.


In order to give the students a convenient channel to learn financial knowledge and to be update about the financial market, trainer Guanghui Chen introduced to the students the CCB’s APP Financial Manager Software.APP is a platform providing financial information, through which one can look up information about the financial market, financial products, funds, precious metal, and insurance and all kinds of sales promotions.Using APP, one can also reserve queuing tickets in advance, which greatly reduces the amount of time spent on queuing at banks.



The participating students commented that the training specified for them the requirements for a bank employee and in which ways they need to enhance their abilities in the future.


As part of the CCB “Finance on Campus” activity, The CCB Jinqiao Branch will also send two capable employees to Sanda’s Jiashan campus to provide training for the first-year students there.

Translated By Wei Ding

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