The Legal Consulting Room: A New Platform Combining Practice, Learning and Research

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“One person asks and one person answers while another takes notes.This is a standard format for law firms, and is a new way of applied teaching.” This is how Xiaoying Han, Chairman of the Law Department of Shengxiang Business School introduced the Legal Consulting Room which has been opened to the university public for more than 10 days.He explains that this is a new platform for cultivating legal talents with innovative legal thinking and practical abilities through combining practice, learning and research.


The Legal Consulting Room, which is mainly composed of members of “Set Sail” Legal Society, is in Room 8338 of Building No. 8 and is open 11:30-12:50 Monday-Friday, 13:00-16:00 each Wednesday.With one instructor of the Law Department being in charge while other instructors lending assistance, it provides free legal consulting services to all faculty, staff and students of Sanda.In this way, the Room not only serves as an applied teaching practice platform, but also offers entrepreneurial and intern opportunities for the students of the department.


Since it was open on March 31st, it has received a number of cases, including a tourist insurance compensation dispute, an express mail management right transfer dispute, etc..It is a new second-classroom platform for the students after “Set Sail” Legal Society and Model Court were established, posing higher demands on students’ abilities of comprehensively applying commercial legal knowledge, analyzing and resolving problems.


Instructor Xiaomin Yan, who is in charge of the consulting room, told us: “Here we consult about all kinds of disputes.While we handle non-litigation cases on the spot, we give official replies about litigation cases after conducting relevant research.Regarding what is being asked, if the students are not sure, they will seek help from instructors after having taken notes.This procedure trains the students in analyzing problems.These real and vivid cases are excellent teaching materials, without doubt conducive to the development of applied teaching and research.”


Xiaoying Han remarked that the cases the students come across have realistic significance for the department’s selecting textbooks and teaching methods and for testing purposes and hence, they promotes applied teaching.Cases accumulated after a period of time provide a basis for diverting faculty research towards practical legal topics, The Room borrows from industrial characteristics of law firms and trains students’ practical abilities through the form of a non-enterprise major discipline society.From these three aspects, we can indeed say that it’s a new commercial legal studies’ innovation platform combining practice, learning and research.


While Sanda is undergoing major transformations, the Law Department has clear ideas about its future development.It will focus on international commercial law and promote the nurturing of “international commercial law” majors.The instructors will ascertain their own teaching and research directions within the area of international commercial law.Moreover, the department will exchange and cooperate with legal practice enterprises in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, providing legal services for the region.In addition, it will collaborate with legal enterprises such as intellectual property rights consulting firms and law firms so as to explore more effectively applied teaching modes of “Originality-Innovation-Practice”.Of course the department plans to cultivate students’ practical abilities, sending more outstanding commercial legal talents to enterprises.


The faculty of the Law Department urges that the various departments of Sanda open up their minds and establish and perfect faculty motivation incentives in the process of cultivating applied talents through combining practice, learning and research, and that all departments take full advantage of the private university system and mechanisms and attain a great leap forward!


Photo: Notes of the Legal Consulting Room over 3.31-4.11

Translated By Wei Ding

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