SIMT Implemented Quality Guarantee Measures for Clinical Nursing Internships

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Yuanyuan Zhang

School of International Medical Technology


The School for International Medical Technology (SIMT)’s first class of undergraduate nursing students will start their 42-week clinical interns on April 20th. The intern bases are 11 medical institutions including Renji Hospital and Shanghai Children’s Medical Center. On March 25th and 28th, the School respectively held a joint teaching meeting of the School and the training bases and a clinical intern mentors’ theme-oriented training meeting, discussing how instructors can better teach and regulate the management of clinical practice courses and announcing requirements for these courses.



In the joint teaching meeting, standing associate dean Yan Xu introduced to the leaders of the training bases and thehead mentors the concrete measures the School has taken regarding the talent cultivation, quality guarantee and teaching reforms of the nursing major. Director Aiping Zhao of the Department of Clinical Teaching explained in details the content and testing standards of the syllabus for clinical internship, the relevant regulations of intern management and raised specific requirements for the intern mentors, in hopes that the students will strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the joint intern programs, and obtain a good command of useful clinical techniques and knowledge through practice. In the meeting, the two sides both agreed that the joint teaching meeting further enhanced the communications between the School and the clinical intern bases, specified the duties and responsibilities of the cooperation and made it easier for the intern institutions to better understand and implement the intern syllabus.



In order to further improve the teaching capabilities of the intern mentors and to ensure the quality of clinical interns, the School has invited famous nursing experts of the city to provide theme-oriented training for the mentors, in particular tailoring to the characteristics of clinical teaching and addressing the needs of the mentors. The training content this time was carefully designed, with elaborate explanations of the development of tertiary nursing education reforms, the characteristics and methods of teaching clinical nursing, the quality requirements for clinical instructors, the strategies for clinical teaching and the employment of administrative nursing in teaching. After the classes, the mentors all said the experts’ lectures were rich in content, closely linking theories with practices, and that the classes had enabled them to know more about the teaching reforms of undergraduate nursing education, updated their concepts, widened their horizons and strengthened their techniques for clinical teaching.



Yan Xu remarked that the most important of all in this semester’s teaching is to ensure the quality of the clinical interns. In order to do that the School has developed the syllabus for the internship based on the general requirements in the Plan for Cultivating Undergraduate Nursing Talents and through exchange studies and expert reviews. In the syllabus are also specified the testing criteria for the students’ clinical interns.

Translated By WeiDing


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