Two New Majors Start Admitting Students This Year

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University General Affairs (and Party Committee) Office


Recently, the Ministry of Education’s official website announced the 2013 newly approved majors for regular institutions of higher education, and two of Sanda’s undergraduate majors were among them. They are respectively education (with a focus on health education, an education major) and food quality and safety (an engineering major).


The education major with a focus on health education takes advantage of the advanced and complete medical laboratories and training facilities of the School of International Medical Technology. It aims at bringing up healthcare teachers urgently needed by primary and middle schools in the Shanghai region. Its establishment is an important part of the Health Education Promotion Project of the Shanghai municipal government. It is the only undergraduate major on Chinese mainland with the goal of cultivating healthcare teachers. The department has set up joint healthcare teaching internship bases with more than 10 primary and middle schools in Shanghai including the High School Affiliated to Fudan University. After having taken the core courses, students can obtain teacher’s qualification certificates and primary psychological consulting certificates and can work in areas of school health education and management, health promotion, disease prevention and control, and psychological counseling at kindergartens, primary and middle schools. After graduation, all the students engage in health education or healthcare work in primary and middle schools of the region, and participate in professional title evaluations as teachers.


The food quality and safety major has been set up based on the administrative management major with a focus on food quality and safety management which was started at Sanda in 2006. Now the department has built a 900-square-meter food quality and safety testing laboratory and training center, owning in total 6 laboratories with complete equipments and facilities on Jiashan and Jinhai campuses. Up till now, the major has graduated students of 4 classes (i.e. graduation years) with student employment rate reaching 98%. 14 of the graduates have entered famous universities in China and abroad for master’s studies. Now that the major has been transformed into an engineering one, it will better match the industrial production needs of food quality and safety testing, production process control and production management.


Sanda University will start admitting 4-year undergraduate students of the two majors later this year. Starting this year also the education major with a focus on health education will recruit students for two-year junior-to-senior college transfer programs so as to meet the urgent needs of Shanghai region primary and middle schools for healthcare teachers.

Translated By WeiDing

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