Yaya Tao Awarded Third Prize of Shanghai 2013 "National Financial Aid Helping Me Fly" Writing Contest

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Jie Shen

Student Education Division


       To display the results of financial aid and the spirit of aided students, Shanghai students affairs center held the Shanghai 2013 "National Financial Aid Helping Me Fly" Writing Contest. Through the recommendations of universities, 2079 articles from 42 universities were collected. The Center invited related experts to form the review group, who finally selected 75 excellent articles from 36 universities to be compiled and printed.The article "Willing to Be Your Eyes" written by Yaya Tao, student of Class 2010 of journalism major, Humanities School of our university was awarded the third prize.


       Yaya Tao began to apply for national financial aid since her sophomore year. Poor as her family is, she firmly believes that "When reality fails us, only by making ourselves stronger and better can we have the power to fight against our fate and smile at life with confidence".She said the national aid, national encouragement scholarship and the university's assistance have not only given her material help but also kept inspiring her to work harder.In the past four years, apart from part-time jobs at weekends, she spent most of her time studying in the library, leading a full yet happy life.With such efforts, she got the highest score in her class for three years in a row and won national encouragement scholarship twice and Xie Xideng second grade comprehensive scholarship once.In the last days of her college life, she became a probationary CPC party member.Speaking of winning the award this time, Yaya Tao said she felt greatly honored but she knew there was a long way to go and she had to keep exploring in her journey.

Translated By Qiao Xia





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