A Remark on Campus "Don't Play Small; Jump High"

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In a work conference in the new semester, speaking of disciplinary and major construction and student training quality, President Jin Li pointed out, "Don't play small; jump high." showing our higher development goals and our determination in understandable and vivid words.


This year is not only the rectification year after the undergraduate qualification evaluation but also the institutional and cultural construction year.Institutional construction is to set up the modern university institution."The core of modern university institution is the scientific, reasonable and complete modern university governance structure."The university has intensified the construction of internal governance mechanism and operating mechanism, launched secondary management mode reform, made plans for abolishment, amendment and establishment of rules and regulations, and identified responsible persons,all of which shows that the university authorities has begun to take action in completing the system design and providing system guarantee.


"Jumping high" instead of "playing small" indicates the requirements of turning reform plan into practice.10% plan and 90% implementation.Institutional and cultural construction will finally "come to governance structure, student cultivation and core competitive strength",behind which is a value that needs to go into reality and life.In terms of a university, it means to let the faculty and students percept, understand and accept such a value in the daily teaching and learning so that we can smoothly achieve our "rising above plateau and reaching the peak" disciplinary and major construction goals and even our applied, international, high-level "Sanda dream".


Idea liberation is the precondition for action.The "jumping high" in top design optimization and implementation intensification require idea liberation first.We should inherit and develop the tradition of "pedagogy discussion" and adhere to democratic operation and professor governance, which is also one the cores of modern university institutions.In conclusion, the mission of transformation and content construction require us to gather strength to jump high to achieve the fruitful results.

Translated By Xia Qiao


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