Our university Awarded "Shanghai Excellent Group

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On March 14th, Shanghai Public Culture Construction Work Conference 2013 was held, in which some units and individuals were awarded. Our university Youth League Committee was awarded "Shanghai Excellent Group in Public Culture Work 2013".

During 2012-2013, in regards to campus culture construction, our university has innovated in work ideas and completed work mechanism. We not only completed our inner construction, but also with the help of the platform and financial support of municipal education commission, carried out public cultural activities and displayed the graceful bearing of students from private universities by cooperating with 18 private universities in Shanghai.Our work ideas are shown as follows:

I. Considering features of private universities and sticking together.With good teaching resources and social reputation, we took the leading role in facilitating cooperation between private universities. Through large-scale activities and projects implementation, we have promoted the pattern and idea of "shared existence, construction, honor and enjoyment" to seek common development.

II. Through organizing lectures, debates, singing contests, drama festivals, community cultural weeks, social practices and many other colorful campus cultural activities, we have fully activated private universities' campus cultural activities, displayed campus culture construction achievements, attracted participation of private universities' students, and helped private universities' students to improve their comprehensive quality.In 2013, we successfully hosted the Shanghai private universities "micro-volunteer" activities, including micro film competition, volunteer service salon, BBS, and many other activities, delivering positive energy.



III. Relying on education commission's platform, building prosperous campus culture. We have actively implemented the opinion on administering education according to law and promoting standardized and institutionalized private universities' art education as required in"Several Opinions On Strengthening School Art Education By Ministry Of Education", "National School Art Education Development Plan (2011-2020) " and "Opinions On Regulations And Implementation Of Shanghai School Art Education Work"; considering "Implementation Opinions On 'Shanghai Youth Art Education Rainbow Action Plan' ", we have actively promoted art education, adhered to the advanced culture orientation, and built colorful campus culture and social culture and art education environment.In 2013, Shanghai municipal education commission allocated special funds for art education in private universities. As a leading unit in the special fund, we laid down use plan, and encouraged other 18 private universities to apply for the fund. The project categories include education and training, exhibition and performance, team building, study tour, forum and seminar. Finally private universities' campus culture construction can be promoted through projects and brand and team fostering.

Translated By Xia Qiao

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