Sanda Students and Teachers Win Prizes

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 Zhen Yun


“Micro Charity, Dream Sail”, Shanghai University Student Public Charity Advertising Competition, has successfully concluded. It was jointly organized by the Publicity Ministry of Shanghai Municipal Committee of CPC, Shanghai City Office of Spiritual Civilization Building Commission, Shanghai City Education and Health Work Committee of CPC and Shanghai City Board of Education.


Qianwen Li and Yiyun Chen’s “The Conveying of Love” won third prize in the video category. Peijuan Ge’s “Recycling Used Batteries” and Jia Ni’s “Cigarettes and Life” won third prizes in the graphic design category. Xuanrong Wan was granted the honorary title of “Excellent Advisor” and Sanda received the “Outstanding Organization Award”.


The “The Conveying of Love” video was made with simple filming methods.Using small clay figurines as props, it describes what love is and how to pass love onto others.


The “Recycling Used Batteries” graphic advertisement links batteries with nature and, in the most direct fashion, warns people that it is time we protect the environment and reduce destruction.


The “Cigarettes and Life” graphic advertisement presents to us a clock with lighted cigarettes as the clock hands, illustrating the truth that it is not worthwhile to spend every moment at the precious price of our health.

Translated By Wei Ding

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