Sanda and IBM’s Big Data Training Platform Officially Launched

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Zhibo Wu

School of Information Science and Technology


On March 11, the launching ceremony for Sanda and IBM’s joint Big Data Training Platform was held.Manager Dandan Zhu of IBM China’s University Relations Department and Manager Jiajia Liu of IBM Shanghai’s Educational Markets Department attended the ceremony.Vice President of Sanda Zengtai Zhang and heads of the School of Information Science and Technology attended and addressed the meeting.

President Zengtai Zhang expressed his heartfelt thanks to IBM for their support of and care about Sanda’s faculty and students and gave an introduction about the university.He hoped that the two sides would both grow through cooperation and achieve win-win results.

Dandan Zhu introduced that China Systems and Technology Lab IBM has established extensive and in-depth cooperation programs with numerous universities in training faculty, setting up teaching platforms, conducting joint research and development and designing excellent courses.In the meantime IBM’s Curriculum and Technology Development Center collaborates with universities in the four areas of curriculum and technology transfer, innovation, campus activities, and internship and campus recruitment.Besides, this is the first time IBM is cooperating with a private university in managing massive datasets after having set up joint programs in the field with Xidian University, Inner Mongolia University, Xiamen University, Nankai University and Tsinghua University.

Associate Dean Ying Chen of the School of Information Science and Technology promised that, while Sanda’s collaboration with IBM in managing massive datasets is based in the School of Information Science and Technology, Sanda’s School of Modern Services Outsourcing will participate as well and that the collaboration will be expanded to cover the entire university. She believes that IBM’s advanced equipments, technologies and scientific research capabilities will benefit the cultivation of talents at Sanda. She also thinks that the establishment of the platform is only a starting point for the joint work between the two sides.She looks forward to future project collaboration in which the enterprise and the university will explore together the various modes for bringing up talents.

Translated By Wei Ding

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