Prof. Quan Chen’s Translation and Donation

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Daojun Zhu




On March 4th, Prof. Quan Chen, dean of Spanish Department of Foreign Languages School, donated the Spanish version of "The Eventful Years: Memories of Chen Jinhua" which he translated to our university library.The library encoded it and put it on the shelf for lending.



"The Eventful Years: Memories of Chen Jinhua" is an autobiography recording some of the significant events in China since 1970s written by Jinhua Chen, vice-chairperson of the 9th CPPCC and honorary president of CEC.The book gives an in-depth reflection on the historic transformation of China brought by reform and opening-up and provides an important reference for the young generation to understand China's reform and opening-up as well as for the outside world to understand the important decisions made by the Chinese government and the evolution of our economic reform.By far, it has been translated into English, Russian, German, Spanish, French and Arabian, all of which except the English version were translated by heavyweight authorities in China appointed by SCPG Publishing Corporation in U.S.The Spanish version that Prof. Quan Chen translated was named "Los años emocionantes: memorias de Chen Jinhua", which was welcomed and praised by the Spanish-speaking world.


Translated By Xia Qiao

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